From the daily archives: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The opening night of the Democratic National Convention saw many fiery speeches.  The energy was palpable even on the receiving end of the boob tube.  Our own Governor Ted Strickland gave one of the most impactful speeches, taking direct aim at Mitt Romney.  He may have delivered more zingers per minute than any speech in either convention thus far.  10TV’s Jim Heath thought it might be the best political speech of his career.  We thought you might like to see and/or read it.

Full speech text:

I’m Ted Strickland, and I come from Duck Run, Ohio. Let me tell […]

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White House Honey Ale

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Unless you’re a beer guy (like several of us at Plunderbund), this might have slipped under your radar. Not long ago, President Obama mentioned that they were making beer in the White House, and that generated a lot of interest from the homebrewing community (of which, at least two of us here at Plunderbund are – or have been – a part of). Over the weekend, the White House released recipes for two of their homebrewed beer, both made with honey from the White House bees. They even included a short video showing the process.

This is a […]

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Last weekend the PD’s Brent Larkin wrote one of the most distorted and factually inaccurate hit jobs on the Voters First redistricting proposal I’ve seen yet.   It absolutely amazed me that this heap of dung made it to print.   And while the Dispatch is also editorializing its own bizarrely erroneous view of Voters First (aka Issue 2), they did print a great piece by Jim Siegel yesterday that corrects Larkin’s big mistakes.

Larkin’s biggest problem comes from the fact that he’s listening to the Republican talking points on the issue instead of actually doing ten minutes of […]

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