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Wall Street pins Kasich to the wall
by Pari Sabety

Let’s recap where we are in that rolling drama called JobsOhio…As has been observed by BudgetWatcher, Leonidis on this site, and others, the JobsOhio legislation has raised serious constitutional questions about the ability of the legislature and the Governor to give away public assets to a private enterprise.   Because, at its most fundamental, that is what is happening with the JobsOhio transaction.

Ohioans have been here before.  They’ve seen lots of these job creating schemes come and go.   In 1851, after bailing out canal companies to whom they’d lent millions of dollars, […]

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Republicans would have you believe that Issue 2 (aka Voters First), the redistricting reform measure on the November ballot, is only being supported by Democrats.

Not true.

Joan W. Lawrence is a Republican from Delaware County.  She served as a Republican State Rep from 1983 to 2000.

Joan is supporting Issue 2 because: “the system is rigged to favor the party in power.”  “We’ve turned from a government of We the People”, says Ms. Lawrence, “to We the Politicians.”

Ohio Capital Blog’s Marc Kovac has the video from last week…

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In “The Candidate,” the classic 1972 Michael Ritchie movie about politics, Bill McKay, played by Robert Redford, has just won a come from behind victory for the U.S. Senate.  He then famously turns to his campaign manager and asks, “What do we do now?”

Kasich must be asking the same thing after the Supreme Court’s decision this morning on JobsOhio.

The full text of the case is available at State ex rel. JobsOhio v. Goodman, Slip Opinion No. 2012-Ohio-4425.

JobsOhio filed a mandamus action in the Ohio Supreme Court asking the court to find that legislation creating JobsOhio was […]

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Back in May, Ohio Governor John Kasich made his first appearance with Mitt Romney.  Instead of supporting Romney’s message about the economy going to hell in a hand basket under President Obama’s leadership, Kasich did his Kasich thing and went off on a tangent about how Ohio had so many unfilled job opportunities that employers just couldn’t hire people fast enough.

You could literally see Mitt Romney cringe as the words were coming out of Kasich’s mouth (see video below).

Things have only gotten worse for Romney since.

While Mitt continues to drop in the polls, Kasich continues to blather […]

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Is Romney giving up on Ohio?

On September 27, 2012 By

Today’s New York Times reports that Mitt Romney, in an attempt to repair the damage done by his “47 percent” comments, is running a new ad in key swing states in which he tries to relate to the unemployed and underpayed among us.

Interesting thing about the ad, according to the Times. It’s not running in Ohio:

On Wednesday, the Romney campaign reserved $3.4 million worth of advertising time in eight swing states. Nearly half of that — more than $1.5 million — was for Virginia. The rest was spread across Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North […]

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Do Me A Favor and Call Them Liars

On September 26, 2012 By

Wanna have a little fun in the closing weeks of this year’s election marathon?

The  next time you happen to meet a Republican  official, ask him or her why either is spending so much time and energy in setting up new rules to discourage certain folks from voting?  If they say they are merely trying to root out herds of fraudulent voters  and are not engaged in voter suppression, I have   a simple request:

If your Republican officials deny that their party’s sinister  efforts are not intended to win a county or state for Mitt Romney by targeting minorities […]

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If you live in Ohio’s 10th congressional district, you have a choice this fall: Democrat Sharen Neuhardt or Republican Mike Turner.

According to Congressman Turner’s campaign website he spends his days in Washington “reigning in out-of-control spending”.   But like so many other things that have come from the Turner campaign, this statement is very far from the truth.   Instead, Turner has spent the past year fighting to get $6 Billion in funding for a nuclear plant in New Mexico that no one needs or even wants, except a handful of his campaign donors.

Back in May, the House and Senate Finance […]

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Greg wrote yesterday about the decision of the Columbus City and Franklin County Prosecutors to not pursue criminal charges against Stan Heffner.

Heffner, recall, was the subject of a scathing report from the Ohio Inspector General.  The Inspector General found that Heffner committed “wrongful acts or omissions” by (1) testifying to the legislature in support of a bill that could and ultimately did benefit a corporation with which he had entered into an agreement of employment; and (2) using his state issued cell phone and email account, as well as state employees, to pursue his private business interests.

This […]

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We’re forty-four days until the end of the election and some early voting (overseas and military) is ready to begin this week.  The first poll to show Obama was opening a lead in Ohio after the DNC Convention was Public Policy Polling, but it was dismissed by some on the right as a Democratic poll that was merely seeing a post-DNC Convention Obama bounce.  Then came another and another.

Just as we said with the Mandel “surge,” it’s more accurate to look at the trendlines within polling outfits as the poll a race over time than to compare what one poll […]

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Last month we covered the refusal of Josh Mandel’s office to respond to a record request filed with his office in March.   After five months, eight emails, two phone messages and a certified letter, we had received exactly zero responses from Seth Metcalf, Mandel’s General Counsel, or anyone else in Mandel’s office.   Out of choices, we hired legal counsel.   And yesterday we filed our complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court.

A little history… on March 15, 2012  we sent the same record request (see end of post) to every statewide office holder including the Secretary of State, Governor, Auditor, […]

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We recently reported that a local Tea Party activist was attempting to intimidate Ohio State University students through voter challenges.  We’re happy to report today that the Franklin County Board of Elections recognized her claims as bullshit (just like we predicted) and they sent her packing.

Today’s meeting of the Franklin County BOE only had one thing on the agenda: the voter challenges sought by Hilliard Tea Party member Carol D. Bicking.

If the challenges were accepted, notices would have been sent to the hundreds of OSU students whose voting status had been challenged and they would have a […]

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