Last Night Clint Eastwood held a debate with an empty chair.  (Winner:  chair.)

Here is the headline from most morning papers:

In the great Twenty-First Century American tradition, this has spawned a new meme:  Eastwooding.  Eastwooding is a picture of someone having an argument with an empty chair.

We think credit goes to Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) at Slate for posting one of the first examples:

So we thought it was time for another contest.  #EastwoodingOhio.  We are looking for the best example of Eastwooding that also expresses something about Ohio.  Maybe someone will #EastwoodingOhio with an empty chair in Ohio Stadium tomorrow.  Perhaps someone will #EastwoodingOhio in the Statehouse or on the ferry to Put-in-Bay.  You are limited only by your imagination.  (Oh, and not that we have to remind you, but this is a family site so keep it clean.)

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Upload your example of #EastwoodingOhio to Facebook (tag Plunderbund or upload directly to our page)
  2. Post on your Twitter account using hashtag #EastwoodingOhio.
  3. Put a link or add an image to a comment on this post.
  4. Email entries to – be sure to use #EastwoodingOhio in the subject line.

There are 3 divisions:

  • Found images
  • Taken images
  • Altered/Photoshopped images

The winner in each division will receive the people’s ovation and fame forever.  (H/T Iron Chef Japan.)  We might also dig up some t-shirts or some stickers or something.

The deadline is 5:00pm Monday evening.  So get those iPhone cameras working!

Here are some examples we photoshopped to spur your imagination: