From the daily archives: Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Night Clint Eastwood held a debate with an empty chair.  (Winner:  chair.)

Here is the headline from most morning papers:

In the great Twenty-First Century American tradition, this has spawned a new meme:  Eastwooding.  Eastwooding is a picture of someone having an argument with an empty chair.

We think credit goes to Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) at Slate for posting one of the first examples:

So we thought it was time for another contest.  #EastwoodingOhio.  We are looking for the best example of Eastwooding that also expresses something about Ohio.  Maybe someone will #EastwoodingOhio with an […]

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A Federal judge rules with Obama that Ohio cannot stop early voting during the 3 days before the election as HB224 attempted. It’s unclear what effect this will have on Secretary of State Jon Husted’s recent directive and firing of two Democrat elections officials who defied said directive.

Jon Husted, meet the United States Constitution.

View the entire decision (pdf) [h/t OhioCapitalBlog]

We wrote earlier about how the OFA/DNC/ODP lawsuit brought against Secretary of State Husted was being misrepresented by Romney and his fans over at Third Grade Politics as taking away voting days from the military and […]

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In the past few months, Democrats have been attacking Romney and the Republicans on a number of major issues:  women’s rights, immigration, voting rights, workers’ rights, marriage equality and Romney’s job-killing policies at Bain Capital.  Internally, Republicans have been concerned over support from evangelicals given Romney’s Mormon religion.

The Republican convention attempted to find the right balance of attacking president Obama while still managing to address all of these open questions for independents and unsure Republicans.

We asked the question earlier this week: will Romney rebrand himself or let the party’s far right do it for him?

The short […]

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