It’s hard to pick the best moment of crazy in a festival of batshit crazy, but I have to give the slight nod to #peanutgate.  Two people were forcibly removed from the Republican National Convention last night for throwing peanuts at an African American CNN camera operator.  While tossing peanuts at this person, at least one of them stated “this is how we feed animals”.

Despite having the major theme “We Built It” while holding the event in an arena that was primarily publicly financed with a speaker line up filled with those who never really built anything, one thing the Republicans really did build was the environment in which this kind of foul racist behavior can not only exist but thrive.

To be sure, Republican leaders will renounce this incident and claim it is an isolated incident, but they’ve been sowing the seeds for this since they did a full body embrace with the Tea Party and Birther crowds in the hopes of defeating President Obama in 2008.  They co-opted their energy in a cynical attempt to win elections.

It’s their baby now.  They Built It.