From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am a Republican, but before that, I am a human being who cares for the welfare of others.

— Randy Riley, Mayor of Wilmington.

Earlier this month, we published a post where we said some nice things about a Kasich cabinet member.  We praised Commerce Director David Goodman for refusing to turn over state liquor sale proceeds to JobsOhio because he had concerns about the constitutionality of Kasich’s signature proposal.

At the time, we kinda thought this would be a one-off thing.  After all, Republicans are known for loyalty and, to be honest, it isn’t that often we […]

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Once upon a time in the Land of Nod, the longest serving Ohio governor avoided all criticism of  presidential candidate Jimmy Carter even though he was a Republican and Carter was Democrat.

“Carter might win,” Jim Rhodes explained,  “and I  might have some programs that I want to talk to him about.”

Rhodes, the folksy sit-whittle-and-spit governor, didn’t have an ideological synapse in his body.  He was forever lured by federal money to help him look good in the Buckeye State.  He boasted that, if necessary,  he would become a Democrat if it meant more jobs – jobs – for Ohioans.  Corporate chiefs […]

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It’s hard to pick the best moment of crazy in a festival of batshit crazy, but I have to give the slight nod to #peanutgate.  Two people were forcibly removed from the Republican National Convention last night for throwing peanuts at an African American CNN camera operator.  While tossing peanuts at this person, at least one of them stated “this is how we feed animals”.

Despite having the major theme “We Built It” while holding the event in an arena that was primarily publicly financed with a speaker line up filled with those who never really built anything, […]

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