A couple weeks ago Josh Mandel was caught faking an Appalachian English (or Southern) accent at a rally in Beallsville, Ohio with Mitt Romney.  It was, incidentally, one of the only events that Josh was allowed to speak at and it should be pretty clear why.  He was trying to be blue collar when he just simply isn’t.

Now we find out that despite all the chest thumping and “over our dead bodies” rhetoric, the real threat to the workers getting paid that day came in the form of the Republican candidates themselves using the workers as forced political backdrops.

Today the Plain Dealer is reporting that workers at the mine complained to a West Virginia radio host that they were intimidated into attending the rally and being backdrops for Romney and Mandel.  A representative from Murray Energy  claimed that the event was mandatory but nobody was forced to attend.  They didn’t get paid because they shut the mine down for the event.  What?  You’ve never heard of voluntarily mandatory optional meetings before?

You’ll also remember Bob Murray of Murray Energy as Kasich’s energy buddy – who famously silenced a room with his batshit crazy comment about President Obama:

“President Barack Hussein Obama is the greatest threat to the economy of the State of Ohio and this country”

Both Romney and Mandel are pandering hypocrites.  Not only did Romney effectively shut down a mine and force workers to go without a day of pay, he conveniently forgets his own position in 2003 when he claimed coal fired power plants “kill people”. Behold the flippety floppety Etch-A-Sketch goodness:

2003 Romney on Coal

2012 Romney on Coal

Mandel is no better.  Over his dead body indeed, or unless and until he can benefit politically from it.  Pretty much Josh Mandel’s modus operandi.  He’s not the poster boy for Pants on Fire campaign lies for nothing!

Josh is a vacuous pit of a candidate, which is why corporations and the wealthy are lining up to fill the void with campaign cash.  They know that the more they fill it up, the more control they’ll have over the boy puppet no matter how much he says he has no strings.

For a party that jumps up and down with cries of socialism and fears of totalitarian regimes it’s pretty ironic that two of their candidates would essentially do something only a dictator would love:  Stop a plant from operating and force employees to attend a rally in which they pay lip services to the very jobs they paused long enough for them to get a bit of press coverage.

And you thought soot covered future black lung sufferers behind Romney and Mandel while he utters the phrase “over our dead bodies” was the only irony at this rally!