From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

As we await the prime time speeches at the Republican Convention, I can’t help but wonder what type of convention Team Romney will throw. And I think back to 1992 when two very different approaches were on display.

First, there were the Democrats. Candidate Bill Clinton was behind in the polls, but used the convention to define a new image for himself, complete with a Hollywood-produced video called “Man from Hope” that established the Bill Clinton we all know and love. Someone who knows adversity and can feel our pain because he’s been there too.

You can see part […]

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A couple weeks ago Josh Mandel was caught faking an Appalachian English (or Southern) accent at a rally in Beallsville, Ohio with Mitt Romney.  It was, incidentally, one of the only events that Josh was allowed to speak at and it should be pretty clear why.  He was trying to be blue collar when he just simply isn’t.

Now we find out that despite all the chest thumping and “over our dead bodies” rhetoric, the real threat to the workers getting paid that day came in the form of the Republican candidates themselves using the workers as […]

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Mike Curtin retired from a long and distinguished career at the Columbus Dispatch and is now taking a position contrary to his former bosses:  Mike supports the redistricting reforms proposed by Voters First.

Mike has written multiple books on Ohio politics and most would consider him an expert on the subject.  He covered state politics for 18 years as a reporter before moving into management at the Dispatch, where he retired as vice chairman and CEO in 2007.

Today he told the Columbus Chamber of Commerce why he supports a YES vote on Issue 2 – the ballot initiative proposed by Voters […]

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7706 State Route 703 in Celina, Ohio is the home of  State Senator Keith Faber’s Law Firm.  It’s also his campaign office.  And the property is owned by Faber’s company, JMKA LLC.

A review of Faber’s campaign expenditure reports and his Financial Disclosure forms for the past 7 years reveals that Faber’s campaign has paid $38,625.00 in rent to JMKA LLC since 2005 and some, if not all, of that money has gone right back to Faber in the form of “Rental Income”.

JMKA was formed in November, 2004 by Keith Faber and he appears to the be the sole owner.  The company was […]

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