From the daily archives: Monday, August 27, 2012

It’s no secret that Mitt Romney’s ground game in Ohio is lacking.   My neighborhood Obama groups have been busy since last fall, long before Republicans had even decided on a nominee, but  Romney didn’t announce the head of his Ohio operations – a guy from Kentucky named J. Scott Jennings – until May.  And he didn’t open his first field office in Ohio until June.

With a race this close, the ground game is going to matter.   And Romney is late to the game.

At last count, Obama had 65 field offices in Ohio.  Romney has about half that many. […]

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The man who has been overseeing the Division of Accountability for the Ohio Department of Education announced his resignation less than two weeks after the state agency found itself under suspicion of wrongdoing in the investigation into irregularities in student attendance reporting.

William Zelei, Associate Superintendent of Accountability and Quality Schools, submitted his letter of resignation on August 6, only two days after the State Superintendent stepped down, and only 11 days after the State Auditor revealed that ODE was also under investigation for questionable activities regarding School District Accountability, especially regarding the department’s role in the […]

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