From the daily archives: Sunday, August 26, 2012

Late last week we revealed that Secretary of State Jon Husted was planning to speak at the True the Vote summit this weekend.    Already in the news for restricting early voting hours in Ohio, Husted’s choice to speak at a summit promoting voter suppression techniques drew even more attention nationally.  The pressure, and potential impact on his reelection campaign in 2014, caused Husted to cancel at the last minute.

While True the Vote claims to support “voter protection” their true goals are much more sinister: to disenfranchise Democratic – especially minority – voters.   According to NBC News they are “part […]

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And that should be very disturbing to all of Ohio’s citizens regardless of your personal opinion on the school attendance investigation.  At this point, the schools and the Ohio Department of Education have not been found in violation of a single law, guideline, directive, etc.  In fact, the investigation was initiated because of “irregularities” in attendance figures and a single district requested assistance in helping to identify what policies and practices might need to be revamped.

No laws broken, no crimes committed, simply a request for assistance from the agency in the state that would aid in conducted an […]

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