From the daily archives: Saturday, August 25, 2012

In today’s edition of the Columbus Dispatch, reporter Bill Bush claims that the schools tried to pay off internal auditor Tina Abdella back in 2004 because she was, in Bush’s words, “trying to investigate data rigging.”  The article, titled District tried to buy off auditor, liberally asserts that recent claims by Abdella are factual in nature while repeatedly questioning statements by district authorities that contradict the former auditor.

We thought it was strange that these claims conveniently arose seven years later during the midst of an attendance investigation, but we found it to be even more interesting that […]

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During the past couple of months, uninformed parties have hijacked the narrative that school districts have somehow committed a crime by “scrubbing” the data they submit to the Ohio Department of Education.  In fact, the concept of data scrubbing or data cleansing is considered a standard and positive process that works to identify and remove errors and inaccuracies within a data set to improve its validity.

Basically, the Dispatch’s ongoing criticism of data scrubbing as an inappropriate or criminal act on the part of schools also means that the newspaper is endorsing the use of unclean, […]

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Despite having one of the worst headlines for an article in recent memory, Joe Vardon’s piece in this morning’s Dispatch is extremely revealing. It highlights what I would call the Tea Party Palinization of the Republican Party that has been going on since a black guy decided to run for and win the highest office in the land.

Palin famously was a policy and issues vacuum, preferring to rely mainly on empty catch phrases, right-wing rhetoric, and thinly veiled racism. Josh Mandel is like Sarah Palin’s cute little nephew, spewing the latest far right buzzwords like some kind of […]

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