We’ve already highlighted the irony of Ohio Governor John Kasich getting a primetime speaking slot at the Republican National Convention during a night themed “We Built This”.  Governor Kasich has spent the great majority of his life being supported by a government paycheck.

Regular readers know how much we love irony, so we can’t let this additional layer of delicious irony go.  The venue that the speech will be given in?  The Tampa Bay Times Forum, once known as the Tampa Bay Ice Palace, was built in 1996.  62% of the money used to build it came from public money (ht Daily Dolt).  The Tampa Bay Lightning spent $53M while taxpayers picked up the remaining $86M.  What a bargain!

To be fair, the RNC did drop $20M to spruce up the place.  That included $2.5M to build the stage that Kasich will deliver his hypocrisy.

Maybe they can change the theme to “We Built This Stage!”?

Seems fair.

  • apostasyusa

    We asked for this. We voted in these idiots who don’t know a
    thing about government except that “it’s bad”. We liked it when the Supreme Court told corporations that they could have more power than the voter with infinite donations for Republican puppets who care only about deregulating and lowering taxes. We voted for the tea party fakes who promised you that government is the enemy. We voted for people who don’t want the job, but would rather have it over someone who actually cares!!

    It’s your fault America. Land of the stupid and home of the blames. We let the angriest and out of touch Republicans of our country take hold of the House of Representatives in a failed pusillanimous attempt to take the entire Congress.

    You want someone to blame? Look at yourself in the mirror.
    Look at yourself while you ponder the rights you took away from gay people just to garner some votes out of the bigots. Peer into your selfish eyes while you consider all the religious people who think life begins at conception but ends at birth and their anger that was
    exploited simply to get people who hate government in government.

    Republicans leaders aren’t to blame; they told you strait to your face that they had sold their souls to the highest bidder. Republicans voters are to blame, every last one of you, from the fake “fiscal conservatives”
    all the way down to the angry people hating “social conservatives”. You are all playing the fool and one day you will all be forgotten.

  • Mark

    There is no irony in the RNC taking up the WE BUILT IT slogan. Who cares that the forum was held in a publicly funded arena. The slam against Obama is still valid. I own a small business that employs 4 people. Obama, and his socialist, big-government cronies are the biggest impediment to the success of my business. THAT is what the message is all about. I don’t succeed because of them, I succeed in spite of them.

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