We’ve already highlighted the irony of Ohio Governor John Kasich getting a primetime speaking slot at the Republican National Convention during a night themed “We Built This”.  Governor Kasich has spent the great majority of his life being supported by a government paycheck.

Regular readers know how much we love irony, so we can’t let this additional layer of delicious irony go.  The venue that the speech will be given in?  The Tampa Bay Times Forum, once known as the Tampa Bay Ice Palace, was built in 1996.  62% of the money used to build it came from public money (ht Daily Dolt).  The Tampa Bay Lightning spent $53M while taxpayers picked up the remaining $86M.  What a bargain!

To be fair, the RNC did drop $20M to spruce up the place.  That included $2.5M to build the stage that Kasich will deliver his hypocrisy.

Maybe they can change the theme to “We Built This Stage!”?

Seems fair.