From the daily archives: Thursday, August 23, 2012

Since the Columbus Dispatch first began (wrongly) claiming credit for instigating a statewide investigation into “attendance fraud” by Ohio school districts, we here at Plunderbund have been the voice of logic.  While the central Ohio newspaper “reporters” have continued their narrative full of baseless attacks on the schools, we researched the law and identified the guidelines (or lack of) that the Ohio Department of Education provided to districts, proving that any districts that have may have modified attendance data retroactively have simply been following the process as spelled out in the law.

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Republican-written ballot language for Issue 2 is so flawed that good government groups asked the Ohio Supreme Court to disallow it because it will “mislead, deceive or defraud the voters.”

Voters First, which supports a YES vote on Issue 2, filed the suit today, taking allegations of voter suppression from the court of public opinion to the state’s highest tribunal.

The language was approved on a party-line vote by the Ohio Ballot Board, which is chaired by Secretary of State Jon Husted. It makess no mention of the Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission, the official name of the bi-partisan panel […]

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We’ve taken a balanced approach to our reporting on hydraulic fracturing (“Fracking”) here at Plunderbund since the topic made headlines last year.  The topic is not as simple and clear-cut as you might imagine, so we spent a good deal of time studying the issue and digging through ODNR data about oil and gas wells to make sure we were well informed before we starting writing about it.

We’ve attempted to present the facts in a fair manner and we expect the media and politicians to do the same.  And when they don’t, we’re going to point it out.

Today’s […]

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We’ve already highlighted the irony of Ohio Governor John Kasich getting a primetime speaking slot at the Republican National Convention during a night themed “We Built This”.  Governor Kasich has spent the great majority of his life being supported by a government paycheck.

Regular readers know how much we love irony, so we can’t let this additional layer of delicious irony go.  The venue that the speech will be given in?  The Tampa Bay Times Forum, once known as the Tampa Bay Ice Palace, was built in 1996.  62% of the money used to build it came from […]

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We’re not sure whether Jon Husted is just a glutton for punishment or has just written off running for statewide office, but the evidence points to possibly both.

Secretary of State and steward of Ohio elections Jon Husted is set to appear at a “True the Vote Summit” with none other than J. Kenneth Blackwell, probably the most polarizing figure in Ohio election history.  You will remember Ken Blackwell as the person who tried to get voter registrations nixed if they were on the wrong paper weight.  That was the least of it.  Blackwell also intentionally kept the […]

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