Without a doubt the award for most absurd excuse ever made has to go to Homer Simpson in Season 11’s ‘Behind The Laughter’ episode:

“I want to set the record straight — I thought the cop was a prostitute.”


In Ohio, the leader for most absurd excuse WAS Jarrod Martin who told police officers trying to arrest him for a drunken brawl at a Residence Inn in Beavercreek: “We weren’t fighting; just having ‘a friendly wrestling match in [our] hotel room’.”

But ladies and gentlemen… I think we have a new winner.

Tonight the Plain Dealer reports that the Ohio Republican Party is trying desperately to do damage control on Doug Preisse, Franklin County GOP chairman and one of John Kasich’s closest advisers, who admitted Republicans want to restrict voting hours to decrease the likelihood that African American voters can make it to the polls.

According to Preisse: “We shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine.”

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern called the comments “patently racist”.

The Ohio Republican Party’s response?

“Preisse thought his comments to the Dispatch were off the record”

Wow!  That’s nearly as good as the Simpson’s quote – and it happened in real life!

There wasn’t a lot of ambiguity in Preisse’s comments, he said what he meant and he said it clearly:  The old process made it too easy for African Americans to vote and the new policy will effectively, and with my full support,  disenfranchise thousands of black voters.  He even told the Dispatch in response to a similar question:  “bullshitQuote me!

So the best excuse they can come up with is: he thought his racist comments were off the record?

No wonder the Plain Dealer reporters can’t get Preisse to return their calls.

Worst. Excuse. Ever.