From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If you need further evidence of the anemia  of the Republican Party – at least bounced to third place by the Tea Party – just consider its humiliating defeat in demanding that Todd Akin get out of the race. The GOP (as we once knew it)  called out its biggest warriors – Rush Limbaugh, Bill Kristol, senators and reps –  to confront the Tea Party congressman  in breathless fear that he would cost the GOP dearly (as well he should). But Akin, who had defeated the regular party ‘s candidate in the primary, said God was on his side and he was […]

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The Dispatch’s Joe Vardon reported yesterday that Ohio Governor John Kasich will get a primo speaking spot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa this year.   Kasich will be speaking between 8 and 10PM on Tuesday, the theme for the night will be “We Built It” – a reference to an out-of-context soundbite from a speech by President Obama that Republicans claim proves the President is anti-business.   Kasich, we think, will be out of place for a number of important reasons.

The first is the theme.  The real point of Obama’s speech, when heard in full, was that successful […]

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According to an analysis conducted by the Office of Management and Budget,  “hundreds of national parks would have to shut down for parts of the year” if the budget proposed by U.S. Rep. (and VP candidate) Paul Ryan were to become law.

Rep. Mike Turner voter for the Ryan budget.

Yesterday the national park system turned 96 – and never missing a chance to gain political points for something he voted to severely defund- Turner posted birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter saying “Thank you for everything you do to maintain our national parks for everyone to enjoy.”

The […]

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JobsOhio will (hopefully) head to court soon to decide a number of constitutional issues, like whether the state can turn over hundreds of millions of dollars a year in state liquor revenue to a private organization with little or no transparency, oversight or accountability.

Mark Kvamme, a California venture capitalist who still maintains his position as a “Special Limited Parter” with Sequoia Capital, helped Kasich develop the idea for the private development organization, and he currently serves as the CIO and President of JobsOhio.

We currently have no idea how much Kvamme is being paid or what types of expenses he is […]

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Without a doubt the award for most absurd excuse ever made has to go to Homer Simpson in Season 11’s ‘Behind The Laughter’ episode:

“I want to set the record straight — I thought the cop was a prostitute.”


In Ohio, the leader for most absurd excuse WAS Jarrod Martin who told police officers trying to arrest him for a drunken brawl at a Residence Inn in Beavercreek: “We weren’t fighting; just having ‘a friendly wrestling match in [our] hotel room’.”

But ladies and gentlemen… I think we have a new winner.

Tonight the Plain Dealer reports that the Ohio Republican Party […]

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