Candidate for Senate in Missouri Todd Akin recently told an interviewer that “legitimate rape” won’t get a women pregnant: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Amid calls for Akin to drop out of the race, TPM is reporting that Akin is currently in Ohio at the offices of Rex Elsass, Republican media consultant, trying to figure out a way to save his campaign.

Elsass is also John Kasich’s campaign media consultant and was paid nearly ten million dollars by Building a Better Ohio to help protect Senate Bill 5, the anti-union measure that would have effectively stripped state workers of the right to collectively bargain, against repeal.

Akin’s campaign was already a client of Elsass’s group, Strategy Group for Media.  Their website currently contains an announcement about Akin’s primary win, calling him “a client of The Strategy Group for Media” which includes quotes from other media sources as well as from Akin himself, who talks about his goal of “reclaiming our God-given values.”

On the day of his primary victory, Strategy Group sent out a Tweet congratulating Akin:  “Congrats to @ToddAkin on his victory in the #mosen primary! On to November. Proud to be part of #teamakin”

As Innovation Ohio reported this morning, Akin’s beliefs are, unfortunately, not unique.  “Ohio is no stranger to these anti-women politics,” says IO.  “According to our research, four pieces of legislation that would help rape victims have yet to receive a single hearing.”

The best political advice Rex could give Akin right now is to drop out of the race, kill the story, and make way for someone who might actually have a chance to win – another Republican with the exact same set of beliefs who, unlike Akin, knows how to avoid expressing them in public.

Knowing Rex, he’ll probably advise Akin to stay in the race, double his fee and start running nasty attack ads against Senator McCaskill instead.

Candidates who drop out don’t pay their bills.