The GOP etch-a-sketch team is currently on red alert, trying to make the public relations problem created by Congressman (and candidate for US Senate) Todd Akin go away. Akin’s offense? Suggesting that victims of “legitimate rape” are unlikely to get pregnant.

Here’s the latest fallout from Akin’s unfortunate statement:

  • RNC Chair Reince Preibus doesn’t want him at the GOP convention.
  • Speaker John Boehner has suggested he think about his political future.
  • And Mitt Romney said his comments were “insulting, inexcusable, and, frankly, wrong.”

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin

Akin’s beliefs about the magical powers of a woman’s body under stress may be out of step with the GOP majority, but he is exactly on message with the other half of his statement. In the view of today’s GOP, some rapes are “legitmate” and some are not.

When asked to clarify what he meant by “legtimate,” Akin explained:

“I was talking about forcible rape,” he said. “I used the wrong word.”

Forcible rape? To make sense of that, you must get to know a bill introduced last year, co-sponsored by Akin and current Romney running-mate Paul Ryan called the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (HR3), which included the following language carving out an exception to a ban on abortions paid for by Medicaid:

Sec. 309 (1) – if the pregnancy occurred because the pregnant female was the subject of an act of forcible rape

The bill would sharply limit the definition of rape, excluding ‘statutory’ rapes of young girls, date rape, rape involving drugs or alcohol impairment, or where a woman’s mental capacity is otherwise limited.

In other words, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s running mate, agrees with Todd Akin that the popular definition of rape is far too broad and needs to be narrowed. And so do 222 other members of Congress, including 11 from Ohio.

And those members are:

Steve Austria, Steve Chabot, Bob Gibbs, Jim Jordan, Steve Latourette, Bob Latta, Jean Schmidt, Mike Turner, Pat Tiberi, Steve Stivers and Bill Johnson.

This is 100% in lockstep with official Republican party policy. The GOP believe that far too many women are having the other, non-legitimate type of rapes and taking advantage of it to get free, taxpayer-funded abortions. (damn, girls, they’re on to us!)

And, reports suggest that next week at the RNC, we’ll see an anti-abortion plank with no exception for rape, forcible or otherwise.

Who is the genius who thought that was a good idea, post-Akin? The Chair of the RNC platform drafting committee, Bob “forced vaginal ultrasounds” McDonnell. Seriously, you can’t even make this stuff up.

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