Today the Sidney Daily News published a story about the extreme cuts to local government funding made by Kasich and Republican state legislators.   These cuts have forced cities into a difficult position with difficult choices.  Layoff teachers, fire fighters and police officers?  Or raise money with new local tax levies?

The paper attempted to contact Keith Faber, the State Senator representing the area, for comment, but his office said he was too busy with his OTHER job.

A spokesman in his office said he was too busy to comment on the issues.  , administrative assistant to Faber, stated, “He doesn’t have a whole lot of time …. (he) is practicing law. That is where his attention is directed.” County officials had complained that Faber is generally unresponsive to them and won’t give them “the time of day.”

As President Pro Tempore of the Ohio Senate Keith Faber makes $86,165 a year.  That’s state money – YOUR money – paying his salary.  And this doesn’t even include the additional state money spent on other benefits like his health care and pension, and the over $4,000 in mileage reimbursement Keith received last year.   Faber is raking in a crap load of cash from the state, but he doesn’t have time to respond to calls from his  constituents or local reporters because he’s too busy with his OTHER job running Faber and Associates law firm?

This guy is a serious piece of work.

In 2010, State Senator Keith Faber was the face of anti-union Senate Bill 5 that would have effectively eliminated the right to collectively bargain for Ohio’s public workers including fire fighters, police officers and teachers.   Faber traveled the state in support of SB5 arguing that FULL-TIME math teachers, starting at $33K/year, are overpaid.   All while Faber himself was pulling in nearly three times as much for what is technically a part-time job.

But Keith Faber doesn’t have time to answer questions from reporters or from the people he represents?


  • Dmoore

    But this is capitalism. Isn’t government part of the fee market system? Republicans seem to think so, at least when it lines their pockets. This is the new normal: Government is bad for everyone else because it’s socialist, but good for them because they can get what they want from it. It’s too bad most Americans are glued to the latest episode of The Bachelorette while their government is being sold out from underneath them. Aside from the Occupy Movement, I don’t see much outrage. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Romney gets elected. Afterall, he looks a lot like a reality TV character.

  • Modern Esquire

    “Now our budget is balanced, Ohio’s credit rating has improved and we’re the No.
    1 job creator in the Midwest.” Quote from Kasich’s spokeswoman. Notice the subtle shift in timing. The improvement was actually in Ohio’s credit OUTLOOK, not rating, and it was BEFORE Kasich’s budget was law. In fact, Kasich’s budget had little to do with the reason for the upgrade at all.

  • orion89

    The editor/owner tends to lean very strongly Republican. Nice to see the unbiased reporting …. maybe we’ll see some more.

  • John

    Agree…I am in shock also. Maybe the paper has “come to its senses!” This is especially interesting since Sidney’s “hometown legislator” is none other than Representative John Adams..the go-to guy for distributing ALEC scholarships (aka expense moneys) for fellow Republican politicians who wish to go get wined and dined at ALEC conventions where they also receive their marching orders. Adams has been in the back pocket of ALEC for years now.

  • Ramona Hauenstein

    They were reformed 3 years ago when the PENSION FUND Managers put in the changes necessary and FABER held it up to do this phony study so money would go to Republican cronies and the Republicans had more time to cry about how public employees have it so much better than anybody else.

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