From the daily archives: Sunday, August 19, 2012

Today the Sidney Daily News published a story about the extreme cuts to local government funding made by Kasich and Republican state legislators.   These cuts have forced cities into a difficult position with difficult choices.  Layoff teachers, fire fighters and police officers?  Or raise money with new local tax levies?

The paper attempted to contact Keith Faber, the State Senator representing the area, for comment, but his office said he was too busy with his OTHER job.

A spokesman in his office said he was too busy to comment on the issues.  , administrative assistant to Faber, stated, “He doesn’t have […]

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We haven’t done a Late Night Theater or a Friday Night Music Fights in a while.  We wrote earlier about how ironic Paul Ryan’s favorite band is.  RATM happens to be one of my favorite bands, having spent my 20s in the heavy rock scene of both Nashville and Columbus.  For some odd reason I never managed to catch them live.  I’m told this is a good representation of what it’s like:

Bonus: My favorite band’s frontman Maynard James Keenan of Tool cameos on RATM’s “Know Your Enemy”:

Friday Night Music Fights features cover versions […]

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Have you ever seen those episodes of Law & Order or a similar police drama where the detectives bring their prime suspect into the interrogation room and start to put on the pressure?  They reach that point where they don’t actually have enough information to arrest the suspect, but in the interest of drama (and a 60-minute time slot) the detectives keep pushing, culminating with a line to the effect of “You need to help yourself by talking to somebody.”  On television, since that prime suspect is always guilty of the crime, the corny line always seems to result in […]

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The Columbus Dispatch loves to act as judge and jury when it comes to reporting on the schools, but their lack of any semblance of expert witnesses leaves them convinced that the voices in their collective heads are telling the truth.

In their ongoing narrative about what is now being called a “cheating scandal” across the state, but most importantly for the Dispatch in central Ohio, the newspaper is once again relying on their skewed and shallow pool of educational knowledge to continue to hurl unfounded negative accusations at the schools.  Their inability to consider alternative explanations (as we have […]

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Last Wednesday Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted issued a directive to local Boards of Elections preventing them from offering early voting on weekends.   Husted claimed it was all about uniformity and fairness, but today Doug Preisse  finally admitted the real reason behind the decision:

“I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine,” said Doug Preisse, chairman of the county Republican Party and elections board member who voted against weekend hours.

Shorter Doug Preisse:  I voted against keeping the polls open on weekends to prevent […]

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