From the daily archives: Thursday, August 16, 2012

LET’S SEE.  How does the Romney/Ryan “comeback” team plan to win  over all of the Democrats in northern Ohio?  Let me count the ways.

Well, for one thing, there’s the Catholic vote, and wasn’t that Rick Santorum fulfilling his pastoral obligations at the  Feast of the Assumption celebration  in Cleveland? He marched in the religious procession  and savored meatballs and cavatelli at Holy Rosary Church.  Buon appetito,Signore Santorum!

So that no one would mistake his true  mission, Rick laid it out this way, reported the Plain Dealer:  “Look, here I am in a Catholic church.  This is an area [where] the […]

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The Plain Dealer’s Tom Breckenridge has done a good job covering Turnpike-related stories in recent months, but his piece this week about layoffs of “custodians” seriously misrepresents the nature of the work performed by the employees slated to lose their jobs, and it fails to report on the likely meaning behind the recent rash of cuts at the Turnpike.  So we thought we’d help clear a few things up.

The PD Reports that Kasich-approved Turnpike Executive Director Richard Hodges claims “the turnpike wants to lay off 20 of 32 custodians who clean eight maintenance buildings along the 241-mile toll road.”   But this job […]

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