We saw on Twitter yesterday where Josh Mandel apparently started a speech with a heavy southern accent only to abandon it when he realized how silly it sounded. Paul Kostyu even referred to it in his write up of the event at cincinnati.com. We found it hard to believe he’d do such a thing and said we wanted to see video of it. Luckily our good friend Marc Kovac at Ohio Capitol Blog was there with video:

While we might quibble whether it’s a true southern dialect or more closely resembles Appalachian English, it does sound odd.  I realize in campaign season candidates speak to many different constituencies and a common technique in public speaking is to know your audience.  I don’t really have a problem with politicians changing tone and manner of speech based on the audience.  President Obama is known to adjust his style subtly given the audience.  Political observers will criticize it, while the audience may related better to the speaker.

Obama pulls it off.  Josh Mandel?  Not so much.

You can hear him change almost immediately when he hears how dumb he sounds [“Pre-sh8 eva-won bein’ out hear”].  In his short minute and a half speech Romney is almost looking at him like “WTF are you doing kid?”  Josh, of course, is from Northeast Ohio – a place where you are more likely to hear a Northern City Vowel Shift than Appalachian English.

Mandel is also taking heat from conservations groups for his “radical organizations think coal is a four letter word” comment.  I find it also ironic that Mandel would call out these organizations for being funded from places like “Holee-wud” and New York City.

Mandel has received more out-of-state money than he has in-state:

Guess what comes in 4th on the list of places he’s received money from?  Yep.  New York:

This doesn’t include the massive spending by outside groups on Josh’s behalf that has flowed into Ohio from out of state.  If you’ve paid attention to our coverage of the Senate race in Ohio it is no surprise to you that Josh Mandel is a lying charlatan who cares only about his political career and power.  He’s a patsy.  A corporate shill who will be at the beck and call for their bidding in Congress.  He’s also going to lose and lose badly.

It’s no wonder Josh wasn’t asked to speak in Chillicothe and wasn’t at the event in Zanesville.  He can’t fill up two minutes of speech time without making himself and others on stage with him look bad.  He’s also polling horribly in the state – so bad that it looks like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS has abandoned him as a viable candidate.

[Update:  Shame on me for not paying enough attention this morning to the news that Crossroads GPS is up with a brand new ad in Ohio attacking Sherrod Brown on behalf of Josh Mandel.  The group is spending $4.7 million in all and $1.33 million against Brown alone.  Apparently even though Mandel is still down double digits, Rove & Co. are going to try to bail him out]

This latest inauthentic ploy by Josh to curry favor with those in Southeastern Ohio is the latest in his sad attempt to do whatever he needs to do to get to the next office.  The kid is in over his head – in a big way.