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We saw on Twitter yesterday where Josh Mandel apparently started a speech with a heavy southern accent only to abandon it when he realized how silly it sounded. Paul Kostyu even referred to it in his write up of the event at We found it hard to believe he’d do such a thing and said we wanted to see video of it. Luckily our good friend Marc Kovac at Ohio Capitol Blog was there with video:

While we might quibble whether it’s a true southern dialect or more closely resembles Appalachian English, it does sound […]

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In a recent interview with the Sandusky Register, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel said “I think it’s important for federal agencies to comply with the Freedom of Information act. ”  “We need to have common sense disclosure and access to public records,” says Mandel.

While we agree with Mr. Mandel’s statements, disclosure and access to public records ARE important, we would be remiss if we did not point out that the actions of Mandel and his staff do not match these statements:  Seth Metcalf, and the rest of Mandel’s staff, have been ignoring a record request from Plunderbund since the Spring.

On […]

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Why are governments paralyzed?

On August 15, 2012 By

Saw this interesting article this morning on Project Syndicate.

Others argue that Western democracies have the opposite problem: a surfeit of narrow, politically assertive interests leads to underinvestment and poor tradeoffs between present and future opportunities and performance.

This brings us to a crucial obstacle: Government, business, financial, and academic elites are not trusted. Lack of trust in elites is probably healthy at some level, but numerous polls indicate that it is in rapid decline, which surely increases citizens’ reluctance to delegate authority to navigate an uncertain global economic environment.

The conclusions of this article seem fairly obvious to […]

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