Arizona may be get the most press for their laws to have police identify “unlawful immigrants”, but some Ohio legislators want to bring the same laws to the land of Kasich.

Republican Representative Courtney Combs (left), along with co-sponsor and fellow Republican Matt Lynch (below), concerned that “illegal immigrants with drugs” are a major problem in Ohio has introduced House Bill 580 in an attempt to put the onus on our already strapped law enforcement agencies to crack down on this problem through a process that can be best described as completely random.

According to the bill, an officer shall attempt to determine the immigration status of any individual involved in a lawful stop, detention, or arrest if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that the individual is an “alien who is unlawfully present in the United States.”

And then there’s the line stipulating that the officer “shall not consider the person’s race, color, or national origin in determining whether reasonable suspicion exists.”

Seriously? Is there a single officer who wants to be faced with trying to defend their actions in court against language like that? But wait, there’s more.

Combs’ bill would require that “Every entity that operates a jail or place of custody in this state shall designate an official to act on its behalf in carrying out this section. The designated official shall determine the immigration status of each individual arrested on or after the effective date of this section prior to the individual’s release.

And given that the bill also requires an individual’s immigration status to be verified with the federal government prior to their release, we can only imagine the additional resources this bill will require of Ohio’s financially strained law enforcement agencies.  Reps Combs and Lynch are apparently able to only imagine the financial impact as well, as we find that they have included the grand total of $0 in additional funding to implement this cure for their xenophobia reminiscent of recent behaviors in Communist China.

We’re very interested to see if this bill actually gains some traction (and some funding) or whether Combs’ irrational labeling of all “unlawful aliens” as drug runners remains a label that no clear-thinking members of the Ohio House will want to touch.

Other than Lynch, of course.  And the four other Republicans who actually put their name on this toxic legislation (From left to right, Peter Beck, Bruce Goodwin, Johns Adams, Margaret Ann Ruhl).






But just remember, do not consider the person’s race, color, or national origin in determining whether reasonable suspicion exists about the legitimacy of this bill.

Leaving you with no choice but to attribute it to their political party.