Arizona may be get the most press for their laws to have police identify “unlawful immigrants”, but some Ohio legislators want to bring the same laws to the land of Kasich.

Republican Representative Courtney Combs (left), along with co-sponsor and fellow Republican Matt Lynch (below), concerned that “illegal immigrants with drugs” are a major problem in Ohio has introduced House Bill 580 in an attempt to put the onus on our already strapped law enforcement agencies to crack down on this problem through a process that can be best described as completely random.

According to the bill, an officer shall attempt to determine the immigration status of any individual involved in a lawful stop, detention, or arrest if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that the individual is an “alien who is unlawfully present in the United States.”

And then there’s the line stipulating that the officer “shall not consider the person’s race, color, or national origin in determining whether reasonable suspicion exists.”

Seriously? Is there a single officer who wants to be faced with trying to defend their actions in court against language like that? But wait, there’s more.

Combs’ bill would require that “Every entity that operates a jail or place of custody in this state shall designate an official to act on its behalf in carrying out this section. The designated official shall determine the immigration status of each individual arrested on or after the effective date of this section prior to the individual’s release.

And given that the bill also requires an individual’s immigration status to be verified with the federal government prior to their release, we can only imagine the additional resources this bill will require of Ohio’s financially strained law enforcement agencies.  Reps Combs and Lynch are apparently able to only imagine the financial impact as well, as we find that they have included the grand total of $0 in additional funding to implement this cure for their xenophobia reminiscent of recent behaviors in Communist China.

We’re very interested to see if this bill actually gains some traction (and some funding) or whether Combs’ irrational labeling of all “unlawful aliens” as drug runners remains a label that no clear-thinking members of the Ohio House will want to touch.

Other than Lynch, of course.  And the four other Republicans who actually put their name on this toxic legislation (From left to right, Peter Beck, Bruce Goodwin, Johns Adams, Margaret Ann Ruhl).






But just remember, do not consider the person’s race, color, or national origin in determining whether reasonable suspicion exists about the legitimacy of this bill.

Leaving you with no choice but to attribute it to their political party.


  • John

    John Adams, eh? Isn’t he the “go to” guy for ALEC? You know, the guy who disperses the “scholarship” moneys from ALEC which reimburses the pols who attend the ALEC national conventions for their expenses….like the most recent one in Salt Lake? Gee…I wonder if John brought back the template for this bill from the latest ALEC convention?

  • John

    After looking at the faces of the four sponsors above I notice that they are all white and I don’t imagine any of them are in financial duress, do you? They wouldn’t be Teabaggers, would they?

  • Another unfunded mandate from the union busters. So if i’m stopped for a traffic violation, and choose to speak English with a Latin or Indian accent is that reasonable cause? How about Italian, Russian, or Irish accent? Certainly there would be no reasonable doubt if I spoke like a Pirate.

  • So someone who is arrested needs to prove their immigration status prior to release (to the one person designated). But the only way to prove citizenship for a natural born citizen is a copy of your birth certificate or passport (neither of which most people carry). So are folks going to be held for weeks until they can order a copy of their birth certificate???

    To be fair, this is just a sliver of what is wrong about this bill. Plunderbund already pointed out some of the other issues.

  • Leonidas

    Good point. Talk like a Pirate Day is just over a month away: September 19. We are anticipating law enforcement to be overwhelmed checking for warrants on (alleged) scallywags. Also: the GOP is likely to introduce legislation requiring law enforcement to check if anyone they encounter has deserted from the British Navy.

  • Anastasia P

    This is a big non-problem in Ohio, a state that is not exactly overwhelmed by immigrants. Those that are coming here are often highly educated or entrepreneurial — a real plus to our economy — and this hangs out a giant “Not Welcome” sign. So you’re going to spend tens if not hundred of millions to catch a couple of hundred people? Brilliant! Oh wait …. I see Courtney Combs .. and John Adams are involved. These are not exactly geniuses of government. (Jphn Adams is the guy who proposed the “man’s right to choose” bill which said abortion is A-OK if the MAN makes the final decision, revealing what is REALLY motivating the anti-choice crowd). God, these guys are clowns.


    Oh well, guess they will start there.

  • you have to use I.D. daily so whats the big problem? finally somebody is trying to stop the illegal alien invaision of ohio! remember these people violated the law as soon as they crossed the border illegally!

  • Joe

    Police are already required to verify an arrested person’s nationality in order to provide them access to consular services as per the US State Department and, I believe, the Vienna Convention.

  • gregmild

    The bill doesn’t require an arrest. The bill also doesn’t require that charges be filed in the event of an arrest for the individual to be held until verification is obtained, even in the case where the suspected “illegal” actually has American citizenship, but may not have their ID readily available, thus rendering them held for an undetermined length of time.

  • gregmild

    You clown, the effect of this legislation isn’t limited to “illegal aliens” as you have assumed. This bill can result in the suspicion and subsequent arrest and unjustified detention of anyone who appears “un-American” and may not be able to readily produce identification that sufficiently proves their rightful citizenship. You need to improve your knowledge about immigration in America and the prejudicial stereotypes promoted by fear-mongers wanting to “cleanse” our nation. Sounds like you lean that way yourself…

  • How much does it cost the state and local governments to provide health care and school to illegals? Read were it cost the state of Fla 5 billion a year. Personally know people who are out of work due to companies unlawfully hiring illegals who are paid less and not treat well at all. Why are we even having this conversation? Any other country if you there illegally you get either thrown out or go to jail. Really tired of all this PC speak. Country is broke, have US citizens going with out yet we suppose to take care of all. Oh yea wait a minute this is all about votes so some can stay in power.

  • dean77

    When your comment starts with name calling, it is not worthy of consideration.

  • dean77

    Every state is being invaded. They need to act now before the thing multiplies. Latino’s are already influencing our presidential election for their benefit!

  • They shouldn’t need this, illegal is illegal, no matter how you sugarcoat the language.

  • gregmild

    Mark, actually you don’t get thrown out in “every other country” as you claim. Here’s a very recent example to the contrary —

  • linda

    finally, i’m hispanic and I know I have to walk my green card everywhere.

  • linda

    i pay to much to came with my green card and wait in my country

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