From the daily archives: Saturday, August 11, 2012

When Stan Heffner hurriedly resigned just two days after being found in violation of Ohio Ethics Laws, the State Board of Education was left scrambling to find someone to take control of the Ohio Department of Education on a short-term basis.  Michael Sawyers, an Assistant Superintendent at ODE was tagged to fill that role.  Sawyers came to ODE when Deb Delisle was State Superintendent to oversee the implementation of Race to the Top, the Obama administration’s massive federally funded education initiative that can be credited with instituting most of the education reforms we are currently seeing rolled out […]

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A classic TV trope is “The One With.”  Here is how it is described on one of our favorite websites,

When somebody wishes to discuss an episode of a TV program and they can’t remember what it’s called, they will usually describe it as “The one with…” or “the one where…”  Sometimes, such a phrase will literally be used as a name for something . . . [For Example] Spoofed on Arrested Development, which has two episodes titled “The One Where Michael Leaves,” where Michael doesn’t actually leave and “The One Where They Build a House,” where they […]

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