It’s official.  Former OSU backup quarterback Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, has filed to run for the State Board of Education.  Jackson officially filed with the Allen County Board of Elections to run for the District 1 seat.

Jackson’s opponent is Ann Jacobs, the incumbent in this race.  Jacobs and Jackson are both registered Republicans, but Board of Education races are technically party-neutral, so political party is not reported on the ballot and, technically, should not figure into this race.

And by “race” we actually mean “this shouldn’t be close.”

Incumbent BOE member Ann Jacobs certainly has an impressive resume, including garnering 65% of the votes for this position in 2008.  On top of that, Jacobs has had a law practice in Lima, Ohio for more than 25 years.  Before serving on the State Board of Education, Jacobs was on the Shawnee Local School Board with stints as Vice President and President.  Not content with simply building her experience in the arena of public education, Jacobs has also been on the Board of Trustees of the YWCA, a Board member of the Senior Citizens Board, and has been involved in her local church as an elder and deacon.

Lastly, Ann Jacobs served on the Board of Marimor Industries, a local company whose mission is “to provide vocational opportunities and training for individuals in Allen County, Ohio with developmental disabilities.”

Jacobs’ commitment to serving her community on top of a successful legal career speaks for itself.

One might think credentials like that are enough to get her re-elected.

Enter Stanley Jackson, OSU QB.

Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, was appointed to the State Board by Governor John Kasich earlier this year after Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, campaigned for the at-large opening.  The opportunity was viewed by Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, as a chance to “learn more about the school board … and to kick the tires on how things work.”

The move didn’t exactly fill a life-long dream for Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, but it did seem to align with the idea that he’s “been considering a ‘run in politics for a while now,’ including a consideration to run for county commissioner in Marion County. He said he also applied for appointment to fill the Ohio Senate seat vacated by Sen. Karen Gillmor.”

It’s that type of laser-like focus that people are truly seeking in a State School Board candidate.  While Ann Jacobs might be in a seat like this for the long haul, parents should really be considering someone like Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, who is utilizing the state-level elected position as a stepping stone for his own personal political aspirations.  He’s a real go-getter who was even willing to give up his previous life-long goal when appointed to the Board by Kasich.  When Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, accepted the seat on the Board, he had to forsake his involvement with a charter school that he had been working on forever (around two years).  Said Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, when he had to resign as president of the as-yet-unopened Master’s Preparatory Academy, “It was a tough decision, that was my baby.”

He gave up his baby for the short-term SBOE position, folks.  Have you ever known such sacrifice?

To be fair, Ann Jacobs can rightly be proud of her impressive educational credentials — a bachelors degree from George Washington University and her law degree from Catholic University (doesn’t everyone have a law degree these days?).

But Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, also has educational credentials on his resume that were far too impressive for John Kasich to pass up:

Speechless, right?  How many people do you know who can (and would) list Buckeye Football Quarterback under their educational experience?

Just one: Stanley Jackson, OSU QB.

As we said, this race shouldn’t even be close.  Not even in Buckeye country.