Last March, FOP Capital City Lodge #9 here in Central Ohio formally withdrew their 2010 endorsement of State Senator Kevin Bacon for his stance on Senate Bill 5, the anti-union bill that would have stripped Ohio’s Police, Fire and other public workers of many collectively bargain rights.   And that same distrust, disappointment and straight-up anger over Senate Bill 5 continues to impact the endorsement process this year.

We interviewed Lodge #9’s President Jim Gilbert shortly after he’d withdrawn his Bacon endorsement, and asked him if SB5 would have an impact on their 2012 endorsements as well.  President Gilbert didn’t pull any punches: “We’re going to hold them accountable, hold them responsible for their statements and their actions.”

Lodge #9 released their latest round of endorsements this morning and, without a doubt, President Gilbert has lived up to his promise.

In the past FOP endorsements have leaned Republican and, more often than not, leaned toward the incumbent.  But today’s list found three incumbent Republican state legislators losing their FOP endorsements: Anne Gozales, Mike Duffey and Cheryl Grossman.   President Gilbert explained the choice like this: “Today we are remembering those who voted against out rights last year.”

All three incumbent Republicans had previously been endorsed by Lodge #9, and all three had subsequently voted in favor of Senate Bill 5.

“They now know we mean it”, said Sergeant Gilbert, “when we say ‘we will remember every November’.”

In every State House race in which the FOP endorsed, Democrats were chosen over Republicans.  And in the single State Senate race,  Jim Hughes, one of the few Republicans who opposed SB5, was chosen.  The full list is included below.


 2012 F.O.P., Capital City Lodge #9 Endorsements

The Fraternal Order of Police, Capital City Lodge #9 and its members proudly endorse the following candidates for 2012:

Representatives to Congress:

12th District –                         Pat Tiberi (R)

15th District –                         Steve Stivers (R)

State Senate:

16th District –                         Jim Hughes (R)

State Representatives:

17th District –                         Mike Curtin (D)

18th District –                         Michael Stinziano (D)

19th District –                         Ryan Jolley (D)

20th District –                         Heather Bishoff (D)

21st District –                         Donna O’Connor (D)

22nd District –                         John Carney (D)

23rd District –                         Traci Johnson (D)

24th District –                         Maureen Reedy (D)

26th District –                         Tracy Heard (D)

Judge – Court of Common Pleas:

General Division –                Valoria Hoover (R)

Domestic Division –             Christopher Greer (R)

Domestic Division –             Elizabeth Gill

Franklin County Offices:

County Commissioner –       Paula Brooks (D)

County Treasurer –              Edward Leonard (D)

County Engineer –                Dean Ringle (R)

County Recorder –               Daphne Hawk (R)

Prosecuting Attorney –       Ron O’Brien (R)

Sheriff –                                  Zach Scott (D)