From the daily archives: Friday, August 10, 2012

Last March, FOP Capital City Lodge #9 here in Central Ohio formally withdrew their 2010 endorsement of State Senator Kevin Bacon for his stance on Senate Bill 5, the anti-union bill that would have stripped Ohio’s Police, Fire and other public workers of many collectively bargain rights.   And that same distrust, disappointment and straight-up anger over Senate Bill 5 continues to impact the endorsement process this year.

We interviewed Lodge #9’s President Jim Gilbert shortly after he’d withdrawn his Bacon endorsement, and asked him if SB5 would have an impact on their 2012 endorsements as well.  President Gilbert […]

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It’s official.  Former OSU backup quarterback Stanley Jackson, OSU QB, has filed to run for the State Board of Education.  Jackson officially filed with the Allen County Board of Elections to run for the District 1 seat.

Jackson’s opponent is Ann Jacobs, the incumbent in this race.  Jacobs and Jackson are both registered Republicans, but Board of Education races are technically party-neutral, so political party is not reported on the ballot and, technically, should not figure into this race.

And by “race” we actually mean “this shouldn’t be close.”

Incumbent BOE member Ann Jacobs certainly has an impressive […]

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A task force created to seek advice from businesses about how to improve the business climate dusted off an old standby-of-a-solution: offer more tax cuts, according to today’s Plain Dealer.

Stark County’s Timken Co. hosted the hearing and the panel is chaired by Rep. Kirk Schuring, Republican whose district includes the Canton-based company steel and bearings maker.

Amid all of the crowing over the need for lower taxes and less regulation, one topic of great concern to business was not mentioned: Energy prices.

The omission is odd. Energy costs and policy are routinely mentioned as a top economic driver […]

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We’re getting pretty close to finding out what other Republican will be on the ticket with Mitt Romney.  The chatter is increasing and we’re probably within a week or two of the announcement.  Obama picked Biden on August 23, 2008 and the Democratic National Convention was two days later.  Look for similar timing from Romney.  Somewhere around the week of the 20th makes most sense with the convention following on the 27th.  23rd even seems like a good date once again!  You don’t want to allow too much time for the opposition to pick apart your VP nomination ahead of […]

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On August 2nd, the Inspector General released a report detailing the “wrongful acts” committed by State Superintendent Stan Heffner.  And even though the IG urged disciplinary action for Heffner’s systemic pattern of ethics violations, State Board of Education President Debe Terhar decided she would wait until the next meeting of the board – 6 weeks away – to take up the matter.

In response to Terhar’s delay, Greg asked readers (on August 4th) to email members of the State School Board, requesting they “immediately act to place Stan Heffner on indefinite leave from the Ohio Department of Education” and to “review […]

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