From the daily archives: Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not since Augustus Caesar carved up Italia into 11 regions has there been so much confusion over geographical piecework as Ohio’s newly minted congressional district boundaries sculpted by Republicans for the November elections. In fairness to the first Roman emperor, it should be mentioned that Augustus at least gave his people new roads and other public conveniences. Would that the Buckeye State’s crumbling infrastructure be half as lucky.

No stronger case against the GOP-tortured handiwork can be made than in northern Ohio.

The new 16th district, for example, pits two sitting congressmen, Republican Jim Renacci and Democrat Betty Sutton, in […]

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There is no economic sector in Ohio more important than the auto industry and no issue that provides more of a political contrast this year in this swing state than candidates’ views on what the industry needs to prosper.  President Obama and US Sen. Sherrod Brown support the auto rescue. Obama challenger Mitt Romney and Brown rival Josh Mandel do not.

A new independent study shows the auto industry is in the midst of a strong revival and government regulation is the main reason.


The White House is expected to formally unveil new auto emission requirements this month […]

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David Zupan, FreedomWorks Ohio State Director, had some choice words for Senator Sherrod Brown yesterday outside of a Josh Mandel event in Rocky River, Ohio. Zupan, wearing a a FreedomWorks’ “Ohio Victory Team for Josh Mandel” t-shirt, looks directly into the camera of a tracker for American Bridge, extends his middle finger, and delivers his message: “Hey Sherrod, F*&k yourself.”

FreedomWorks, chaired by Dick Armey, came about from the merger between the David Koch-funded Citizens for a Sound Economy and Empower America. They tend to align themselves with Tea Party groups and causes, often spending big […]

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