Back in June I asked the question: As Josh Mandel slips in the polls, how long until his big donors abandon him?  The answer may have come sooner than expected.

As predicted, polling continues to be poor for Mandel.  TPM currently has Sherrod Brown with a nearly 9-point lead averaged across all polls.  Quinnipiac has Brown up by 12.

Brown continues to maintain his strength even after Karl Rove’s Crossroad’s GPS spent $2.5 million in targeted advertising on Senate races in swing-states last month – including Virginia, Montana and $1.1 million in Ohio.

Rove seems to have noticed that his spending is having no impact.

Today The Hill reports that Crossroads GPS is launching a new $7.2 million Senate ad blitz across swing states.  Virginia and Montana – both Toss-up races – are still being targeted.   Ohio, however, has dropped off the list.

You have to assume Karl Rove’s data is even better than the public polling we’ve seen – and if Rove has given up on Mandel, you have to assume his numbers are telling him Mandel doesn’t have a chance.

Mandel’s campaign has been relying on ads paid for by outside groups like Rove’s to keep his chances afloat.  And without their help, he’s going to have to dip into his own war chest much earlier than he expected.   Now that Rove has pulled his money from Mandel, can we expect other national groups to do the same?

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  • Clecinosu

    Too bad. It would have been great to see Kookoo Karl waste even more money on a futile attempt to put another grossly unqualified lackey in the U.S. Senate.

  • missskeptic

    And now the GOP will have to spend money in Ohio to defeat the redistricting amendment, which will be money not spent to defeat Obama and Brown.

  • Not to worry…. Josho the Clown will still have that Treasury title. Not the job; he’s never been to work, as far as I can tell. But Ohio will still have to pay him when he isn’t servicing the Koch brothers. Or when he IS, for that matter.

  • @ missskeptic The GOP front groups in several states spent alot of money trying to get SB5 to pass in ohio which ended in failure. Which serves them right for sticking thier noses into our business trying to save legislation rammed down our throats and alienating people who were pro repub who were in public unions. No doubt things they have some control over will now be the focus of them pouring money into in hopes that thier radical legislation will pass by sowing confusion, suppressing voters and trying to create apathy among the different groups of people in Ohio.

  • Josh is only going to lose if WE GET THE VOTE OUT…OTHERWISE, he is in…and so are the rest of these theives…Remeber..we need everyone to go vote..dont assume we have it..t5hats how we got stuck w/ksuck n crew…vote these fools out

  • oh hes servicing the koch brothers…sure would like to audit the treasury hes suppose to be in charge of, hes never around…sure would like to know exactly whats going on there

  • good luck, Ohioans want the power out of legislators hands…how do u beat this, unless u create yet another bill to void this as well

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