From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tonight we’re getting the results from a number of special elections being held around the state and the results tell the tale of the Kasich budget in a nutshell:

step 1 – cut taxes on the wealthy, privatize everything, give your staff raises, keep state government the same size and pass the tough choices down to the locals in the form of reduced school funding and revenue-sharing step 2 – as tax collections come in ahead of forecast, amass a war chest in the state’s rainy day fund but refuse to share any of it step 3 – watch as […]

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On the day The Hill reports that Crossroads GPS is making a major Senate race ad buy that doesn’t include Ohio, Josh Mandel’s campaign releases this “game changer” of an ad:

Mandel’s ad makes just four points about him:

Josh Mandel has been hard at work as a State Treasurer… they even have footage of him working so hard. Mandel “earned” Ohio a AAA rating, the highest rating in the nation. He’s cut his budget by $2 million He’s been named “Watchdog of the Treasury.”

Hours later, the ad is already starting to fall apart.

First, the […]

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Back in June I asked the question: As Josh Mandel slips in the polls, how long until his big donors abandon him?  The answer may have come sooner than expected.

As predicted, polling continues to be poor for Mandel.  TPM currently has Sherrod Brown with a nearly 9-point lead averaged across all polls.  Quinnipiac has Brown up by 12.

Brown continues to maintain his strength even after Karl Rove’s Crossroad’s GPS spent $2.5 million in targeted advertising on Senate races in swing-states last month – including Virginia, Montana and $1.1 million in Ohio.

Rove seems to have […]

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It seems crazy that I even have to write this post since every major news outlet, including the conservative Dispatch, has thoroughly debunked Romney’s claim that the lawsuit brought by the DNC, ODP and Obama campaign will take away voting days from members of the military and their families.

And yet, some Republicans are still claiming the language in the lawsuit is “vague” and causing “confusion”.

So once and for all, let me help clear up some of that confusion.

Below is the Prayer for Relief from the text of the complaint – this describes […]

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