Marisha Agana, Republican candidate for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District, sent out this Tweet yesterday comparing the President of the United States of America to genocidal world leaders who  were collectively responsible for killing tens of millions of people.


Rashad Alaiyan, a Political Science major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides a response that clearly sums up what all of us are thinking:


ht Politico.

  • if he was that, its pretty obvious she would have be in a labor camp or already put down for those disprespectful thoughts shooting out of her mouth very quickly as they appeared on the web. its pretty obvious that the repubs would scream treason and how dare they talk about the dear leader in such a manner if such words came out of a demos mouth. most people here wouldnt know the anti christ was among us even if he came up to them and punched them in the face.

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