From the daily archives: Saturday, August 4, 2012

This may sound strange after a whirlwind 48 hours that started on Thursday when Ohio Superintendent Stan Heffner was rocked by ethics charges from  Ohio’s Inspector General and ended with Heffner’s resignation earlier today, but we tried to intervene and prevent it from occurring in the first place.  And Stan Heffner could have done so successfully but for one single sentence that he spoke to the Senate Finance Committee.

True story.

Last May, while Ohio was preoccupied with Senate Bill 5/Issue 2, the Governor was busy pushing through his first budget, HB153.  The budget bill also […]

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Statement of Stan W. Heffner
Superintendent of Public Instruction

 August 4, 2012

Much needed components underway in Ohio’s schools are too important to let anything get in their way.  Because I don’t want opponents of reform to be able to twist mistakes I’ve made into roadblocks to Ohio’s reform efforts, I’m stepping aside to deny them even the chance of doing that.  Under the State Board of Education’s succession plan, starting at 5:00 pm on Friday, August 10, Michael Sawyers, Deputy Superintendent, will begin leading the Department of Education until the Board names a new state superintendent.


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Just when you think the #Dispatchfail meme is played out, the reporting and editorial choices on a big story are just so blatant and obvious we are compelled to comment.

Quick recap:  Last May, Greg revealed that Interim Superintendent of Schools Stan Heffner had a serious conflict of interest when he gave testimony in favor of teacher restesting provisions that would financially benefit the company at which he’d just been hired.  Thursday, the Inpsector General found that Heffner committed wrongdoing for the testimony, and also for improperly using state resources and staff for purposes related to his new private sector […]

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State Board of Education President Debe Terhar is quoted as saying she just wants to wait until their next meeting to discuss the Inspector General’s report on State Superintendent Stan Heffner — the one where he was found to have engaged in a systemic pattern of ethics violations over many months and including various matters.  Sounds reasonable until you learn that the next meeting is mid-September — six weeks away!

That is unacceptable, so we’re asking you to help us in engaging in an email campaign to Board President Debe Terhar and the other members of […]

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Greg has been the leading and best source in Ohio about the conduct of School Superintendent Stan Heffner.

The Ohio Inspector General found:

By providing testimony to the Legislature as the state’s principal employee for leadership in education, in support of a bill that could and ultimately did benefit a corporation with which he had entered into an agreement of employment, Heffner failed to meet the standards of proper governmental conduct as are commonly accepted in the community and subverts the process of government.  Accordingly, the Office of the Ohio Inspector General finds reasonable cause to believe wrongful acts […]

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