Last May Plunderbund’s own Greg Mild revealed that Interim Superintendent of Schools Stan Heffner had a serious conflict of interest when he gave testimony in favor of teacher restesting provisions that would financially benefit the company at which he’d just been hired.

In July we filed an ethics complaint against Heffner and later that same month, State Rep Debbie Phillips filed a similar complaint with the IG’s office.

Today the IG released his report on now-Superintendent Heffner and guess what?

Greg was absolutely right about everything.

According to the AP’s Julie Carr Smythe:

Inspector General Randall Meyer urged disciplinary action be considered for Superintendent Stan Heffner for wrongful acts.

Meyer’s investigation found Heffner had a signed employment agreement with Educational Testing Service in May 2011 when he advocated use of the company’s tests in the Ohio Senate. Heffner was then interim superintendent, later rejecting the ETS job to stay on in Ohio permanently.

Meyer’s probe also found Heffner used his state email and cell phone to land the Texas job, and had his state staff handle related travel and real estate matters.

Greg deserves credit for uncovering this wrong doing and praise for sparking the investigation, but its also worth mentioning that this is the first real investigation by IG Meyer of a Kasich appointee to come out of his office. Hopefully a step in the right direction.

But before we give Randy too much credit, remember there is still a really long list of ethically funky stuff going on within Ohio state government that needs to be investigated (like the 8 year old Coingate scandal??). If you need any more tips, Mr. Meyer – please let us know.

The full report is available here.