Last May Plunderbund’s own Greg Mild revealed that Interim Superintendent of Schools Stan Heffner had a serious conflict of interest when he gave testimony in favor of teacher restesting provisions that would financially benefit the company at which he’d just been hired.

In July we filed an ethics complaint against Heffner and later that same month, State Rep Debbie Phillips filed a similar complaint with the IG’s office.

Today the IG released his report on now-Superintendent Heffner and guess what?

Greg was absolutely right about everything.

According to the AP’s Julie Carr Smythe:

Inspector General Randall Meyer urged disciplinary action be considered for Superintendent Stan Heffner for wrongful acts.

Meyer’s investigation found Heffner had a signed employment agreement with Educational Testing Service in May 2011 when he advocated use of the company’s tests in the Ohio Senate. Heffner was then interim superintendent, later rejecting the ETS job to stay on in Ohio permanently.

Meyer’s probe also found Heffner used his state email and cell phone to land the Texas job, and had his state staff handle related travel and real estate matters.

Greg deserves credit for uncovering this wrong doing and praise for sparking the investigation, but its also worth mentioning that this is the first real investigation by IG Meyer of a Kasich appointee to come out of his office. Hopefully a step in the right direction.

But before we give Randy too much credit, remember there is still a really long list of ethically funky stuff going on within Ohio state government that needs to be investigated (like the 8 year old Coingate scandal??). If you need any more tips, Mr. Meyer – please let us know.

The full report is available here.

  • Great work Greg!

  • Rick

    No surprises here. What a group of wizards leading this place. Lets go down the chain and see what the other “Chiefs” are doing. Next stop the rest of the chain….on down to the smallest little person. I do mean small.

  • Peenutz

    Nice job Greg! This agency has to have an overhaul. In reading the comments there are a lot of things going on at this place that are horrible. I sure hope Mr. Mayer and Mr. Yost continue to dig in and do what is right for Ohio taxpayers. What a shame this place is for the state.

  • Edubrat

    You can’t make this stuff up……pretty sure there is a whole lot more on down the chain at this joint……Great professional commitment to find the truth Greg!

  • Greg, we are all very proud of you! We appreciate you commitment and vigilance in regard to the teaching profession. We are glad you’re in our corner.

  • Teach4life

    So we have a dishonest School Chief, inaccurate data managed and looked after by people in the agency, salaries being paid to people running around the building providing no value, false hours claims, frivolous purchases and interfering with an investigation by not letting us talk to the auditors and who knows what else? The competence is low. It’s suspicious that our network went offline this morning or maybe more incompetence…

  • Observation

    As a tax payer I find it ironic that a ODE employee has found the time to put comments on Plunderbund during what appears to be work hours and then has the gall to talk about salaries being paid for no value and claiming false work hours. To claim that a network outage is suspicious is approaching paranoid and delusional.

  • Teach4Life

    I might suggest you learn to tell time, secondly maybe it would be good to buy a dictionary to understand the word incompetence. I will leave you with a final thought to work on, sarcasm means………???

  • Mom/Teacher

    Thanks Greg!

  • Dmoore

    This is just another example of the managerial/executive class wanting everyone else to be accountable while they pillage the state treasury. Too bad Stan didn’t have a brief conversation with Bob Taft before he took the position. Every state employee is required to attend an ethics seminar. Stan probably just had his secretary go for him.
    While your at it, it would be really nice to know what the real cost of security was for Kasich’s personal residence, and who got the sweetheart deals.

  • Teachers Pet

    we all knew he had his hands in the cookie jar…Thanks Greg for filing ith the ethics board…ummm..Clearly, ethics? Watchn the voter supression, cuts to our schools, and the disregard for citizens rights , and the constant attacks on everyone around us, I am relieved to see a little Democracy….
    ‘”Out making the schools safe for Democracy….” ..thank you…Greg…and Plunderbund…there is nothing that bothers me more than individuals deciding “reform” and dismantling not only our schools but retestn teachers who are professionals, and are always workn w/others, taking more more classes, training, ….thank u…for exposing him for the real reasons he had regardn MORE TESTN…not because our teachers deserved the “created bs ” just so he could make some cha ching on the side…I know the corruption runs much deeper..we all do…Thanku..for exposing him for hat he really is…

  • Hall Monitor


  • Hall monitor

    I lookn at the Governor, and the Repub Party ..clearly incompetence…Visual learner…a dishonest school chief or are was there “pressure” so to speak from administrators in buildings …its very possible , perhaps ..Principals…wantn to look good…I honestly believe the teachers n staff were honest…as far as secretaries…and teachers. Every teacher I know is accountable for the students attendance…Thank goodness we have students sign in when they arrive , etc…however, the fingers pointed SHOULD NOT BE AT TEACHERS, ATTENDANCE SECRETARIES…enough said….

  • hall monitor

    millions to install security cameras etc…cost of staff? I remember that article, one of many where the money started adding up..n up…

  • ninetyninepercent

    Heffy as appointed by Kasich, and he was a part of the entire mess, from the beginning…excuses to make teachers look bad while he/they smoke screen the public and make millions from tax payers money lookn/appearn like the “good one..” Crooks r crooks…they all have their hands in that cha ching..Leihman, Bain, Corps…disgraceful…

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