Over the last month, Ohio Schools Superintendent Stan Heffner has been extremely vocal about allegations of misconduct by school personnel.  He has stood tall as he wagged a finger at educators and threatened them with criminal prosecution if any of the allegations that he was hearing turned out to be true.

Turns out he’s quite the hypocritical blowhard.

When the tables were turned on him today by Ohio’s Inspector General who concluded that Heffner did indeed commit a “wrongful act or omission” defined in Ohio Revised code as “an act or omission, committed in the course of office holding or employment, that is not in accordance with the requirements of law or such standards of proper governmental conduct as are commonly accepted in the community and thereby subverts, or tends to subvert, the process of government.”

In other words, he broke the law.  A few times, actually.

Not “allegedly” as is the situation with the ongoing attendance probe, but “conclusively” meaning the Inspector General published it in his final report.

What Would Stan Do?

State Superintendent Stan Heffner has said that if the allegations are proved true, he will press for criminal and civil penalties against those responsible. This is appropriate. Columbus Dispatch, July 29, 2012

Press for criminal and civil penalties?

“These actions are serious in nature, will not be tolerated, and may result in professional conduct sanctions against any/all culpable Lockland personnel, up to and including suspension or revocation of licensure,” Heffner said in a letter to Lockland Superintendent Donna Hubbard. Stan Heffner, July 25, 2012

Recommend harsh professional sanctions and revoke his own license?

“I will be asking our office of professional conduct to launch investigations along with the attorney general’s office if I find there is evidence of fraud so we have civil and criminal investigations at the same time,” Heffner said after speaking at the Columbus Metropolitan Club yesterday. “Those people have no business in our public schools.”  Stan Heffner, July 25, 2012

Throw the book at himself?

No, instead Stan apparently demonstrated how Ohio’s school districts can exonerate themselves from any confirmed findings that might be of a fraudulent,  unethical, or illegal nature.

Simply say, “Oops.  I’m sorry.”

Or as Heffner said:

“I accept the findings of the Inspector General’s report. I was wrong and I’m sorry for my lack of judgment,” Stan Heffner, August 2, 2012

Hmm…not so much.

We here at Plunderbund also remember this:

He also denied allegations in an ethics complaint filed against him yesterday by the liberal blog Plunderbund. The complaint said Heffner on May 29 recommended that a legislative committee adopt a provision that would funnel $2.2 million directly to the company that would have been his new employer, which he did not mention during the hearing.

“I didn’t recommend a contract,” Heffner said. “There is no quid pro quo … for this blogger to fabricate charges for whatever his agenda is despicable.” (Columbus Dispatch, 7/13/2011)

This story won’t be over until Heffner does more than pay lip service to the public while displaying complete disrespect to the State Board of Education whom he assumes assumes will turn a blind eye to his crimes.  His confirmed actions are a stain on Ohio’s education system.  Heffner needs to bear full responsibility for these criminal actions and live up to his spoken word.

Stan Heffner must immediately resign.