Over the last month, Ohio Schools Superintendent Stan Heffner has been extremely vocal about allegations of misconduct by school personnel.  He has stood tall as he wagged a finger at educators and threatened them with criminal prosecution if any of the allegations that he was hearing turned out to be true.

Turns out he’s quite the hypocritical blowhard.

When the tables were turned on him today by Ohio’s Inspector General who concluded that Heffner did indeed commit a “wrongful act or omission” defined in Ohio Revised code as “an act or omission, committed in the course of office holding or employment, that is not in accordance with the requirements of law or such standards of proper governmental conduct as are commonly accepted in the community and thereby subverts, or tends to subvert, the process of government.”

In other words, he broke the law.  A few times, actually.

Not “allegedly” as is the situation with the ongoing attendance probe, but “conclusively” meaning the Inspector General published it in his final report.

What Would Stan Do?

State Superintendent Stan Heffner has said that if the allegations are proved true, he will press for criminal and civil penalties against those responsible. This is appropriate. Columbus Dispatch, July 29, 2012

Press for criminal and civil penalties?

“These actions are serious in nature, will not be tolerated, and may result in professional conduct sanctions against any/all culpable Lockland personnel, up to and including suspension or revocation of licensure,” Heffner said in a letter to Lockland Superintendent Donna Hubbard. Stan Heffner, July 25, 2012

Recommend harsh professional sanctions and revoke his own license?

“I will be asking our office of professional conduct to launch investigations along with the attorney general’s office if I find there is evidence of fraud so we have civil and criminal investigations at the same time,” Heffner said after speaking at the Columbus Metropolitan Club yesterday. “Those people have no business in our public schools.”  Stan Heffner, July 25, 2012

Throw the book at himself?

No, instead Stan apparently demonstrated how Ohio’s school districts can exonerate themselves from any confirmed findings that might be of a fraudulent,  unethical, or illegal nature.

Simply say, “Oops.  I’m sorry.”

Or as Heffner said:

“I accept the findings of the Inspector General’s report. I was wrong and I’m sorry for my lack of judgment,” Stan Heffner, August 2, 2012

Hmm…not so much.

We here at Plunderbund also remember this:

He also denied allegations in an ethics complaint filed against him yesterday by the liberal blog Plunderbund. The complaint said Heffner on May 29 recommended that a legislative committee adopt a provision that would funnel $2.2 million directly to the company that would have been his new employer, which he did not mention during the hearing.

“I didn’t recommend a contract,” Heffner said. “There is no quid pro quo … for this blogger to fabricate charges for whatever his agenda is despicable.” (Columbus Dispatch, 7/13/2011)

This story won’t be over until Heffner does more than pay lip service to the public while displaying complete disrespect to the State Board of Education whom he assumes assumes will turn a blind eye to his crimes.  His confirmed actions are a stain on Ohio’s education system.  Heffner needs to bear full responsibility for these criminal actions and live up to his spoken word.

Stan Heffner must immediately resign.



  • I love this double standard do as I say not as I do thing. We need him out now!

  • Dmoore

    Bye-bye, Stan. And take Johnny Boy with ya.

  • DublinIrishBob

    Why did the IG take this long to issue a report? Or was it hoped that Heffner would be long gone by this time so that the Yost audit would have more impact? The longer Heffner is in the news, the less meaningful is The Dispatch crusade against attendance policies in Ohio.

  • Dmoore

    The way the appointment of Stan Heffner went down is vintage Kasich amatuerism. There’s no way Heffner could have been properly vetted for this position considering the short time span in which the existing candidates withdrew his appointment. Technically it’s the State Board of Education’s responsibility but we all know governors get whomever they want for this position. How could Kasich ever think it was a good thing to make such a hasty move especially with such a high profile office as the State Superintendency? Ego can be the only answer to that one.
    It’s funny how the unethical behavior of the non-union, managerial type, the would be State Superintendent, was playing out as Kasich was vilifying the average state union worker in the SB5 campaign.
    Look for the wheels to come off of the JobsOhio slush fund. Get out the popcorn!

  • Dmoore

    Ooops. I meant “the short time span inwhich the existing candidates withdrew and his appointment.”


    to the Columbus Dispatch article, Heffner serves at the pleasure of the
    State Board of Education. It is clear to me that the public must write
    to the Sate Board of Education and DEMAND Heffner’s removal as the state
    superintendent. I concur with board member Kristen McKinley’s statement
    that Heffner “should have known better,” contending it would be a
    double standard for him to keep his job. She continues with, “I am
    extremely concerned about (the allegations) because I think a lot of
    government employees have been found to use state resources for their
    personal use, computer equipment, cellphones, and they have lost their
    jobs,” McKinley said. “I think higher-level employees would be held to a
    higher standard.”
    Heffner was well aware of his employment actions;
    contract negotiation and signing, directing his assistant to carry out
    personal activity in his behave and using state resources for personal
    business. He disregarded legal standards (probably thinking, “What are
    they gonna do to me…I’m already gone.”) and now NEEDS to be gone.

    CONTACT INFORMATION for State Board of Education
    Office of Board Relations
    J.C. Benton, Director
    25 S. Front Street
    Mail Stop 703
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
    877-Ohio-EDU (phone)
    E-mail: j.c.benton@ode.state.oh.us

  • SlimTim

    This is a disgrace! But only the beginning for this agency unfortunately. I retired from ODE about a year ago and saw the worst mismanagement and lack of oversight that I witnessed in a 32 year career. I luckily no longer have to put up with incompetent operations, and fortunately now able to voice it! I enjoyed good relationships with non management people and a few management people. But there is a group of lazy, unethical, overpaid, incompetent people still there. Running around gossiping, holding scam meetings, lobbying each other to lie cover for each other. I cant wait for the path to trickle downhill.

  • Nuggets

    Lets be sure not to lose focus of the attendance scam, others misusing resources, overpaid upper management and failure of others at this agency to abide by the law. A whole laundry list of unethical acts from creating fraudulent documents for personal use to hiding information from auditors. Nice work PB!

  • Schoolbug

    How many chiefs were bought by ETS or other companies and foundations at ODE? Teachers and taxpayers need to rise up and demand not one more dime goes to anyone in or out of this agency from this unethical crew! Disqualify ETS and wake up Ohio and scrutinize every dime funneled through this place as it is obvious there is no oversight of anything happening.

  • fairnessandjustice

    It looks like PB called this one a while ago and the Inspector General was able to provide details to support the accusation. Good work PB.

    There are few comments here that appear to support PB but are really about supporting a personal vendetta after someone left ODE. This person was doing things they should not have been while working at ODE.

    This person’s accusations are not able to be proven or something would have been done about it already. I also believe this person is commenting multiple times under different names and persona’s to try and add validity to the accusations. In fact, I am convinced that this person has posted with at least four and maybe five different names as of right now and is commenting on multiple blog posts using the same tactics. In fact the moderator even called the person out on the blog post here http://www.plunderbund.com/2012/07/15/ecot-ohios-mega-cyber-charter-a-public-school-with-data-worth-investigating/#comment-601048115. If it is not this person it is friends that have been tricked into believing the lies. This person has is trying to capitalize on the high level of emotion that is rightfully associated with the details of the investigation into the Superintendent. Please do not buy into the BS, it really makes this look like a blog that is followed by conspiracy wackos and blog trolls.

  • theTruth

    I suppose these people made Heffnergate happen too? Maybe they were involved in “coin gate” or maybe they were the ones who were responsible for telling us we cant answer the auditors until you manipulate the truth. Conspiracy yes but it ain’t us! How many hours a day are you paid by taxpayers to surf the web, play the stock market, shop online, create fraudulent parking tags, frivolous spending and other stuff? Yeah sure sounds like you would have done something about it…..but thanks for playing!

  • JeffWestern2034

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