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Last Night Clint Eastwood held a debate with an empty chair.  (Winner:  chair.)

Here is the headline from most morning papers:

In the great Twenty-First Century American tradition, this has spawned a new meme:  Eastwooding.  Eastwooding is a picture of someone having an argument with an empty chair.

We think credit goes to Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) at Slate for posting one of the first examples:

So we thought it was time for another contest.  #EastwoodingOhio.  We are looking for the best example of Eastwooding that also expresses something about Ohio.  Maybe someone will #EastwoodingOhio with an […]

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A Federal judge rules with Obama that Ohio cannot stop early voting during the 3 days before the election as HB224 attempted. It’s unclear what effect this will have on Secretary of State Jon Husted’s recent directive and firing of two Democrat elections officials who defied said directive.

Jon Husted, meet the United States Constitution.

View the entire decision (pdf) [h/t OhioCapitalBlog]

We wrote earlier about how the OFA/DNC/ODP lawsuit brought against Secretary of State Husted was being misrepresented by Romney and his fans over at Third Grade Politics as taking away voting days from the military and […]

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In the past few months, Democrats have been attacking Romney and the Republicans on a number of major issues:  women’s rights, immigration, voting rights, workers’ rights, marriage equality and Romney’s job-killing policies at Bain Capital.  Internally, Republicans have been concerned over support from evangelicals given Romney’s Mormon religion.

The Republican convention attempted to find the right balance of attacking president Obama while still managing to address all of these open questions for independents and unsure Republicans.

We asked the question earlier this week: will Romney rebrand himself or let the party’s far right do it for him?

The short […]

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Ohio Governor John Kasich took a victory lap at the Republican National Convention this week, detailing just how great Ohio is doing economically and fiscally.  It was, of course, complete hogwash.  Not the economic recovery part, but that Kasich deserves credit for it.

There’s a reason the only Kasich fan site in Ohio is called ThirdBasePolitics: Kasich’s a Governor who came into office on third base and now acts like he hit a triple.  Recently, the Kasich blog wrote this piece of amazing fan fiction in which they claimed that John Kasich’s budget, on Day One of it […]

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The right in Ohio is up in arms over a HuffPo piece that takes liberties with a quote from John Kasich during a panel they hosted on jobs and solutions to the unemployment crisis.  They didn’t report it inaccurately, mind you.  They just didn’t give you all of the Governor’s words, thereby seemingly changing the meaning of what he said.

Does this sound familiar?

Kasich’s full remarks:

You know where entrepreneurship in my opinion has to go? Into the inner city.  We have to convince African Americans that they can start and own businesses. And I was just […]

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As the fight over Voters First (now Issue 2) heats up, top Republican leaders appear to be back to their old tricks by applying pressure on well-respected groups such as the Ohio  Farm Bureau and the Ohio State Bar Association to use misinformation to discredit the Issue 2 campaign.

At the bar association, the GOP found an eager ally in Patrick Fischer, a Cincinnati court of appeals judge installed as OSBA  president in July.  It is well known in legal circles that Judge Fischer aspires to sit on the Ohio Supreme Court – and hopes to […]

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I am a Republican, but before that, I am a human being who cares for the welfare of others.

— Randy Riley, Mayor of Wilmington.

Earlier this month, we published a post where we said some nice things about a Kasich cabinet member.  We praised Commerce Director David Goodman for refusing to turn over state liquor sale proceeds to JobsOhio because he had concerns about the constitutionality of Kasich’s signature proposal.

At the time, we kinda thought this would be a one-off thing.  After all, Republicans are known for loyalty and, to be honest, it isn’t that often we […]

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Once upon a time in the Land of Nod, the longest serving Ohio governor avoided all criticism of  presidential candidate Jimmy Carter even though he was a Republican and Carter was Democrat.

“Carter might win,” Jim Rhodes explained,  “and I  might have some programs that I want to talk to him about.”

Rhodes, the folksy sit-whittle-and-spit governor, didn’t have an ideological synapse in his body.  He was forever lured by federal money to help him look good in the Buckeye State.  He boasted that, if necessary,  he would become a Democrat if it meant more jobs – jobs – for Ohioans.  Corporate chiefs […]

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It’s hard to pick the best moment of crazy in a festival of batshit crazy, but I have to give the slight nod to #peanutgate.  Two people were forcibly removed from the Republican National Convention last night for throwing peanuts at an African American CNN camera operator.  While tossing peanuts at this person, at least one of them stated “this is how we feed animals”.

Despite having the major theme “We Built It” while holding the event in an arena that was primarily publicly financed with a speaker line up filled with those who never really built anything, […]

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As we await the prime time speeches at the Republican Convention, I can’t help but wonder what type of convention Team Romney will throw. And I think back to 1992 when two very different approaches were on display.

First, there were the Democrats. Candidate Bill Clinton was behind in the polls, but used the convention to define a new image for himself, complete with a Hollywood-produced video called “Man from Hope” that established the Bill Clinton we all know and love. Someone who knows adversity and can feel our pain because he’s been there too.

You can see part […]

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A couple weeks ago Josh Mandel was caught faking an Appalachian English (or Southern) accent at a rally in Beallsville, Ohio with Mitt Romney.  It was, incidentally, one of the only events that Josh was allowed to speak at and it should be pretty clear why.  He was trying to be blue collar when he just simply isn’t.

Now we find out that despite all the chest thumping and “over our dead bodies” rhetoric, the real threat to the workers getting paid that day came in the form of the Republican candidates themselves using the workers as […]

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