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The Toledo Blade just published a letter from Auditor of State Dave Yost addressed to State Board of Education President Debe Terhar notifying her of his intent to include the Ohio Department of Education in their investigation of improper attendance reporting by school districts around the state.  As part of this letter, Yost also explains that the joint investigation with ODE will be dropped so as to conduct an independent investigation into ODE’s practices.

Yesterday, State Superintendent Stan Heffner had strong words for the school districts at the center of these allegations, suggesting the possibility of criminal prosecution:


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Mitt Romney is busy attacking Barack Obama for a statement he made about who “built that” in the context of small businesses, suggesting the President was belittling the efforts of entrepreneurs. The truth is, the President’s words were edited to remove where the President talked about roads and bridges and other public investments that are essential to allowing American businesses to succeed:

If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody […]

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Magellan Strategies, a polling firm focused on Republican candidates and organizations, surveyed Governor Kasich’s plan to raise the severance tax on oil and gas drillers to fund a small income tax cut for Ohioans. The poll was commissioned by Opportunity Ohio, Matt Mayer’s (formerly of the Buckeye Institute) new free market think tank.

Of those surveyed, only 23% agreed with Kasich’s plan. 44% disagreed. (33% unsure/no opinion)

Democrats definitely do not like the plan. 65% of Democrats disagree with the plan, with Dem women disliking it more than any other group: nearly 70%.

But the unpopularity extends to […]

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Where were you in 2000 when the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) intervened in the election and made George W. Bush president? Do you remember how the decision was split 5-4, with the right-wing justices voting in favor of making Bush president, and the Democratic appointed justices wanting instead for the recount to continue? Did you learn in that moment how important the Supreme Court is for the direction of our country? Did you learn in that moment how political the Supreme Court is? Did you learn in that moment that when it comes to the […]

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For nearly a year now, Jim Renacci has been defending $100,000 in “tainted” campaign contributions he received from Benjamin Suarez and his employees.

The FBI opened an investigation after the Toledo Blade revealed a set of extremely large – often maxed-out – donations was made to Republicans Renacci and Josh Mandel by 17 employees at Suarez, many of whom never made contributions to candidates in the past.

While the FBI investigation is still ongoing, and results have yet to be released, Benjamin Suarez has defended himself and his employees by claiming the entire investigation is nothing more than […]

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A couple of days ago, Plunderbund blogger Dirtgirl wrote

“According to the latest Purple Strategies poll, Romney leads among Ohio men by 8%. But Obama is up by 12% among women. In other words, Romney faces a whopping twenty-point gender gap in Ohio.”

About 15 minutes before Michelle Obama spoke to a crowd of 2,000 cheering supporters in Westerville,  Mitt Romney’s campaign launched a “Women for Mitt” effort in a local store that sells flags. There we only about 30 people there.

Of course women in Ohio are responding this way because of the GOP/Romney […]

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Earlier this month, we fact-checked claims by Governor Kasich and Lt. Governor Taylor that the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act will cost Ohio money.  The Original Fact Check is here and a Follow-Up Post is here.

Our Fact-Check focused on the impact of the Affordable Care Act on Ohio’s Budget.  But what about the Federal budget?

Today, the Non-Partisan Congressional Budget Office issued a very important report.  After the Supreme Court’s decision, the CBO took a new look at the projected costs of the ACA.  The conclusion:

The insurance coverage provisions of the ACA […]

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“It all boils down to who you are and what you stand for. We all know who my husband is, don’t we? We all know what he stands for, and we’ve all seen again and again just how hard he’s willing to fight for us.”

~ First Lady Michelle Obama, Speaking to a crowd of 2,000 supporters in Westerville, Ohio earlier today.

I have so many wonderful photographs and great video and stories to share with you about today’s visit to Ohio by the First Lady. I’m going to begin the series by telling you about a moment […]

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Last month, the “fact-checking” team at PolitiFact Ohio, rated as “half-true” claims by the Ohio Democratic Party that Kasich’s budget cuts had forced local cuts, layoffs and tax increases.

While they admitted there was anecdotal evidence for local impacts of state cuts, they ultimately gave it a half-true thanks in part to pushback from Kasich spokesperson Rob Nichols that the number of tax issues on the ballot were not particularly high.

But now we learn in today’s Columbus Dispatch: “More school districts than usual go to the ballot,” which reports that Central Ohio school issues will be […]

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As this year’s presidential election heats up, we fully expect Governor John Kasich to take on more responsibilities as a surrogate for Romney in Ohio.  We expect he will continue complaining about President Obama’s job performance while repeating his comments about some kind of “headwind” blowing from the Obama administration that is supposedly keeping Ohio from achieving its true economic potential.

But every time you hear Kasich criticize the President, remember this: In the 2008 General election, John Kasich didn’t cast a ballot.

According to voter data available from the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, John’s wife Karen voted in […]

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Our last post previewed tomorrow’s roll-out of Ohio Women for Mitt, an effort aimed at shoring up the candidate’s flagging support among Ohio’s female voters.

But here’s an interesting fact: one of Romney’s co-chairs, Longaberger Company CEO Tamala (“Tami”) Longaberger didn’t vote for Romney when she had the chance.

According to voter history data from the Muskingum County Board of Elections, Longaberger consistently votes in general elections — showing up at the polls every November dating back to 2005. And she votes in important primary elections, casting a ballot […]

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