From the daily archives: Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today officially marks 100 days until the election on November 6th.  We are in crunch time.  The most impact to be made by calling, canvassing, and other volunteer activities is going to happen between now and election day.  The Obama campaign is marking this milestone of the campaign with over 4,200 different events this weekend.  You can donate to help the campaign and can also see what a “campaign of one” can do (that would be you).

The campaign also put together a nice video that envisions the last 100 days of the campaign through the eyes […]

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While a team of legislators led by Republican Ron Amstutz have schedule hearings across the state about school funding, the Kasich administration has his own team meeting in secret to craft his school funding plan.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer shared a key insight into what we can expect from Kasich’s plan: consolidation.

No big surprise, but not exactly what we would call a “funding” solution, but instead more state regulation over school operations. Kasich has long preached about his desire to have local governments consolidate their services in order to fix his budget, and forcing schools to do […]

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