Magellan Strategies, a polling firm focused on Republican candidates and organizations, surveyed Governor Kasich’s plan to raise the severance tax on oil and gas drillers to fund a small income tax cut for Ohioans. The poll was commissioned by Opportunity Ohio, Matt Mayer’s (formerly of the Buckeye Institute) new free market think tank.

Of those surveyed, only 23% agreed with Kasich’s plan. 44% disagreed. (33% unsure/no opinion)

Democrats definitely do not like the plan. 65% of Democrats disagree with the plan, with Dem women disliking it more than any other group: nearly 70%.

But the unpopularity extends to Republicans as well. In total, only 38.3% of Republicans agree with Kasich’s plan. 22.2% disagree and 39.5% have no opinion. With independents: 39.5% disagree, 27.8% agree.

44% of respondents also said the plan would make it harder to attract energy companies to Ohio and 41.7% of respondents disapprove of Kasich’s job performance overall (40.7% approve). As Mayer points out in his press release about the poll results,, “Kasich suffers from a gender gap with more than a 20% difference in approval marks between Republican and Independent men and women.”

The poll also touched on some election match ups and found President Obama leading Romney by 2 points and Senator Sherrod Brown leading Josh Mandel by 7.

The topline results are available here and the crosstabs are available here