As this year’s presidential election heats up, we fully expect Governor John Kasich to take on more responsibilities as a surrogate for Romney in Ohio.  We expect he will continue complaining about President Obama’s job performance while repeating his comments about some kind of “headwind” blowing from the Obama administration that is supposedly keeping Ohio from achieving its true economic potential.

But every time you hear Kasich criticize the President, remember this: In the 2008 General election, John Kasich didn’t cast a ballot.

According to voter data available from the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, John’s wife Karen voted in the 2008 General Election, but the future Governor of Ohio did not.



To be fair, Kasich does have a pretty solid voting record.  He’s shown up for every other election since 2000.  But 2008 wasn’t just another election year.   It was one of the most historic Presidential elections of all times.   And it was the election that gave us our current president.  The one that Kasich has taken to criticizing.

As the popular saying goes: If you don’t vote, Mr. Kasich, you don’t get to complain.