The Plain Dealer‘s Henry Gomez reported today via Twitter that the Romney campaign would be launching Ohio Women for Mitt tomorrow.

Recent polling of the race in Ohio, in particular the gender gap, quickly reveals why.

According to the latest Purple Strategies poll, Romney leads among Ohio men by 8%. But Obama is up by 12% among women. In other words, Romney faces a whopping twenty-point gender gap in Ohio.

Unfortunately for Romney, women make up 52% of the state’s electorate, so any gender gap is going to create huge problems for him on election day

To put it into perspective, in 2008, John McCain’s margin of victory among Ohio men (3%) and Obama’s margin among women (2%) added up to just a 5-point gender gap. And I don’t need to remind anyone who won Ohio in that election.

Clearly, Romney has his work cut out for him.

But there’s another key finding in the Purple Strategies poll. And that is that Romney is also losing among the state’s much-sought independent voters, trailing the President 47-40.

So who is Romney rolling out as co-chairs of Ohio Women for Mitt? As it turns out, not a single independent.

Heading up the list are four Republicans: Jane Portman (wife of Senator Rob Portman), Karen Kasich (wife of Governor John Kasich), Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor and Longaberger Company CEO Tami Longaberger.

Nice try, Mitt.

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