Our last post previewed tomorrow’s roll-out of Ohio Women for Mitt, an effort aimed at shoring up the candidate’s flagging support among Ohio’s female voters.

But here’s an interesting fact: one of Romney’s co-chairs, Longaberger Company CEO Tamala (“Tami”) Longaberger didn’t vote for Romney when she had the chance.

According to voter history data from the Muskingum County Board of Elections, Longaberger consistently votes in general elections — showing up at the polls every November dating back to 2005. And she votes in important primary elections, casting a ballot in the 2006, 2008 and 2010 GOP primaries.

But, when given the opportunity to vote for Mitt Romney on March 6, 2012, Tami Longaberger took a pass.

That’s probably not the person you want standing with you when you’re encouraging others to show up to vote for you.

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  • A quick search at conservativejobs.com shows that the Romney campaign is looking for people for “Field Advance” in every state, including Ohio. There are also other job openings for Americans for Prosperity, and an opening for a “Field Director” for some campaign in Ohio. Republicans are having such difficulty filling these positions. Why am I not surprised???

  • Mike Evans

    July 27 Dispatch reports that Tami Longaberger has decided that she isn’t going to outsource the manufacturing of their line of pottery any more, which is the company’s second largest selling product behind baskets. She is quoted as saying “We’re coming home”. How convenient that she has now decided, just 4 days afte being named to Mitt “Outsourcer Extraordinaire” Romney’s team, that she now thinks her own company should stop outsourcing.

  • Marlowe53

    Why any woman with a working brain cell would vote for Romney is beyond me. He spent last weekend hanging out with Pat Robertson. Yesterday, Robertson told a man on his Christian Taliban TV show that he should move to Saudi Arabia so that he could beat his wife who refused to be obedient.
    Where is the press on this? Where are Republican who haven’t sold their souls to the religious zealots and the Tea Party?
    Where are the legitimate faith leaders? When they wonder why they’re losing young people, they should look in the mirror and ask when they last exposed these fake Christians for the hate groups that they are?

  • Not A Tami Fan

    Tami Longaberger destroyed her family’s company….she may be bringing a few pottery jobs back to OH but she ripped many people off, including my sister, who sold for Longaberger for over 20+ years and is now getting next to nothing of what she was supposed to. Bet she stops home sales and goes completely to catalogue soon…which will kill the rest of those jobs.

  • I don’t know anything about Ms. Longaberger and I’ve never bought the baskets. However, I did not vote for the current President during the 2008 primary season, but once he was nominated, I became an enthusiastic supporter, so I am not certain that this is relevant.

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