From the daily archives: Saturday, July 21, 2012

In a story released by the Toledo Blade today, the Toledo Public Schools revealed that they had been engaged in the practice of “scrubbing” student attendance — the practice of withdrawing and re-enrolling students who are chronically absent and miss long stretches of school.  The TPS superintendent ordered a review of their district practices after Columbus was attacked by the Columbus Dispatch after the school district voluntarily requested assistance from the Ohio Auditor.  After being blindsided by the accusations, the Ohio Department of Education also became involved.

As the Dispatch was continually unable to articulate what laws, exactly, had been […]

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The Ohio Inspector General’s Office, under the direction of IG Randy Meyer, must be pretty busy these days.  The Office exists to “investigate alleged wrongful acts or omissions committed by state officers or employees, as well as those doing or seeking to do business with the State of Ohio.” And as casual or recent readers of Plunderbund should be fully aware, that there are is a lot of ethically funky stuff going on within Ohio state government worth investigating. 

For example:

In May, we reported that the interim Schools Superintendent, Stan W. Heffner, used his […]

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