Justice Yvette McGee Brown was endorsed yesterday by The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police over her opponent, and former police officer, Sharon Kennedy. From what we’ve heard, there really was no contest.

According to sources familiar with the FOP endorsement process, the screening committee was “unanimous in its recommendations for Justice McGee Brown”, and she won the delegate vote 317-1.

While Kennedy’s “not recommended” rating from Ohio Bar Association and her “lack of judicial experience” played a big role in the decision, it was her performance in the endorsement interview that seemed to seal her fate. Sources say Kennedy thought she could rely on her past law enforcement experience to win the endorsement but instead her behavior came across as “a naive attempt to convince police officers to support her.”

One FOP member put it this way: “while we appreciated Judge Kennedy’s past experience as a law enforcement officer, we were endorsing a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court, not someone to have a couple of beers with and tell war stories. Justice Brown was clearly the best qualified.”