From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kent Brockman:  And, as always, we end our broadcast with news on the lighter side. It’s the time of year when the swallows return to Springfield. [cut to swallows crashing into dome, as hungry cats await below]

Like the swallows returning to Springfield, the battle over Ohio’s voting laws is heating up again.  Back in May, Professor Moke warned about “furious action in Columbus involving voting rights” as a result of a “Republican strategy to suppress voting turn out in the fall.”  He explained that the Republican dominated General Assembly would likely pass “restrictive new election laws that will […]

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Justice Yvette McGee Brown was endorsed yesterday by The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police over her opponent, and former police officer, Sharon Kennedy. From what we’ve heard, there really was no contest.

According to sources familiar with the FOP endorsement process, the screening committee was “unanimous in its recommendations for Justice McGee Brown”, and she won the delegate vote 317-1.

While Kennedy’s “not recommended” rating from Ohio Bar Association and her “lack of judicial experience” played a big role in the decision, it was her performance in the endorsement interview that seemed to seal her fate. Sources say […]

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Earlier this year Mitt Romney was criticized for removing unflattering passages from editorials published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Romney posted the articles on his website, and mailed them out to supporters, without ever clarifying that they had been modified from their original form.  The PD and CNN both took the campaign to task for their decision.

It looks like Republican Mike Turner, who is facing a difficult challenge from Democrat Sharen Neuhardt in Ohio’s new 10th District, has chosen the same path as Team Romney.

Turner’s campaign website recently reposted a piece from the Dayton […]

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You likely read about Ohio’s record lottery profits this year and the windfall that schools would be expecting.  The news articles had some version of the following that appeared in the Dayton Daily News:

The Ohio Department of Education hit the jackpot in the past fiscal year, claiming the largest education payout in state lottery history — $771 million.  By law, all lottery profits go to the Ohio Department of Education to support K-12 public schools.  The previous record profit transfer of $748.8 million was set in 1997, the Ohio Lottery reported.

Lottery proceeds make up about 6 […]

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Earlier this week, we published a fact check of the claims by Governor John Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor that that expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act would costs the State of Ohio hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of the reasons for this Fact Check was that the mainstream media had simply reported the claims of Kasich and Taylor without any analysis to see whether they were . . . we are reaching for the right word here . . . true.

Since that time, the Mainstream Media has started, ever so tentatively, like a […]

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