From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

John Kasich is still trying to find supporters for his plan to raise severance taxes on oil and gas exploration in order to fund a tiny income tax cut.

Last week he held a news conference with Fred Dailey, the former director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, hoping to sway farmers to his position.

But when local public radio superstar Bill Cohen asked Kasich about the possibility that farmers could end up paying the tax increase instead of the drillers, Kasich dropped the ball.

Kasich not only insulted Mr. Cohen, but he also undermined the entire purpose of […]

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Husted move could prevent 29,000 from voting in Cuyahoga County
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has announced that he intends to side with Republicans on the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to block extended early voting hours in November. Democrats are crying foul. Experts say that those who tend to vote in person at the Board of Elections are the working poor who typically show up only in presidential election years. They are the most likely to go to the wrong polling location and be forced to vote provisionally. For this and other reasons, the Plain Dealer […]

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The Voters First initiative, which would alter the current, highly-partisan process for drawing legislative and congressional districts in Ohio, has received broad support from bipartisan groups around the state.  Everyone from the NAACP to the  League of Women voters to the Libertarian Party has given this plan a thumbs up – everyone, it seems, except the Ohio Republican Party.

And for obvious reasons.  Republicans have single-handedly controlled the process for four of the last six cycles.  And the results are clear: Republicans control 23 of the 33 State Senate seats,  59 of 99 House seats, and under the new congressional […]

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