Like most political junkies, we watch the ads.  Lots of them.  Most of the time they are what’s expected and not worth talking about outside of the normal back and forth of a campaign.  We certainly won’t be posting every single ad in the Presidential campaign and commenting on it.

Some ads, however, are worth calling attention to.  Sometimes we’ll call an ad out to say it is particularly effective and sometimes we’ll call it out to fact-check what we think is particularly misleading.

Obama for America just released a new ad this morning called “Firms”.

This one is going to leave a mark:

Ads like these are why I love politics.  When a campaign so masterfully condenses a campaign to a 30 second spot and does so in a way that is both entertaining and convincing it makes me smile.

This ad manages to combine several political hits on Romney in a way that is both brutal and subtle, not to mention artistic.  It’s almost like poetry in that a larger meaning is conveyed beyond the actual meaning of the words.  It gives you a “sense” of the campaign from a very gut level and that is something in a campaign that can last.  Sometimes the most effective arguments are also the simplest.

The Obama campaign has been hammering away at several different Romney weaknesses so far in this campaign.  His support of outsourcing American jobs.  His use of secret Swiss bank accounts.  His use of offshore tax havens like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.  All of this up to this point has painted a picture of Mitt Romney as the out of touch rich guy whose priorities are in line with big business and the 1% and out of touch with working America.

“Firms” has now elevated the discussion to include whether or not this behavior is unpatriotic.  Overlaying the facts with Mitt in the background singing (poorly) a patriotic American song paints a picture of a guy who is not only out of touch with America, but out of sync with its values.  It also paints a picture of Mitt as a disingenuous politician who will attempt to sing his best tune and wave the right flag in front of the American electorate all while hiding the money he makes from outsourcing their jobs.

This is an effective ad and one that will be remembered in this campaign.

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