When I saw the photographs from Mitt Romney’s speech at the Annual NAACP Convention today I felt a sense of recognition. Those facial expressions…I had seen them somewhere before…but where…


That’s where! In my own home!

That’s what we look like when we listen to Mitt too.

Snap a photo of what you look like when you listen to Mitt Romney and post it to Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter use the hashtag #Listening2Mitt and if you want to let me know you did it so I can retweet you, add in @OHLMK.

Happy snapping!


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  • I looked something like this…


  • lol!

  • carrieee4

    I gotta love the faces of the 2 younger girls (women). The one looks like she is thinking what the …….? Then the lady who is looking at her cell phone is priceless and how about the old white guy beside her? I’ve seen better faces on bored want out of here students during a history class lecture!

  • lol. So true! Smart people don’t appreciate being lied to, and know bad ideas when they hear them.

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