According to Gannet’s Deirdre Shesgreen, Josh Mandel may have as much as $310,000 in oil and gas investments in his family’s financial portfolio. Josh and his wife “reported earning more than $5,000 in 2011 from those investments.” As Shesgreen points out, exploration of natural gas in Ohio could “be good for Mandel’s personal finances.”

Given Mandel’s personal investments, you’d think he would avoid getting personally involved with issues related to oil and gas – but you’d be wrong. Tomorrow Mandel will be headlining the oddly-named “Ohio Energy Summit Town Hall”.

While it’s unclear if this event is actually a “summit” or a “town hall”, we do know that this event has been organized by local Tea Party folks and it will feature oil, gas and coal advocates from Ohio energy companies and groups like Americans for Prosperity and the Ohio Petroleum Institute (OPI).

In addition to Mandel, Christina Polesovsky, Associate Director of the OPI (and wife of Jeff Polesovsky, Kasich’s Director of Boards and Commissions) will be speaking. Ms. Polesovsky, you may remember, helped get language written by oil and gas industry lobbyists into Kasich’s energy bill.

This “Energy Summit” (“Town hall”?) is being billed as some kind of education session, but in reality it’s more like a big advertisement for the oil, gas and coal industries. And Mandel’s appearance at the event – given his very large financial investments in those industries – is shady at best, and certainly appears to be unethical.