From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In mid-June, while the General Assembly was adopting the Cleveland Schools Reform Plan into law, the school district was quietly hiring in a charter school specialist to the top academic position in the district — and from another controversial school district.

Michelle Pierre-Farid arrives in Cleveland via Washington D.C. where she spent four years as an elementary school principal before (fortuitously, it might seem) leaving to become principal and Chief Academic Officer of the Friendship Public Charter Schools for another four-year stretch (ending June, 2011).  Since 2010, Pierre-Farid reports that she has been the Executive Director […]

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If you’re one of the 595,000 AEP customers in Ohio who recently suffered through extreme heat without the convenience of refrigeration or air conditioning, I’m going to guess this headline might piss you off:

AEP Ohio Wants To Pass Costs Of Outage Repairs To Customers

An AEP Ohio spokeswoman said that the company planned to ask the Ohio Public Utilities Commission to pass costs to customers.

AEP Ohio estimates its spent millions to restore power to hundreds of thousands of Ohioans after storms hit June 29 and July 1.

“We pass on what the commission allows […]

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According to Gannet’s Deirdre Shesgreen, Josh Mandel may have as much as $310,000 in oil and gas investments in his family’s financial portfolio. Josh and his wife “reported earning more than $5,000 in 2011 from those investments.” As Shesgreen points out, exploration of natural gas in Ohio could “be good for Mandel’s personal finances.”

Given Mandel’s personal investments, you’d think he would avoid getting personally involved with issues related to oil and gas – but you’d be wrong. Tomorrow Mandel will be headlining the oddly-named “Ohio Energy Summit Town Hall”.

While it’s unclear if this event is […]

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