If you read the Twitter feed for State Rep. Danny Bubp (aka @Colonel_Bubp) you will quickly learn a few things about him, and you will likely walk away with even more questions…

Bubp, a 57 year old former Marine Colonel, punctuates his tweets like a 14 year old girl. OMG! HE LOVES!!! exclamation! points! A quick calculation shows he uses, on average, 2.2 exclamation points per tweet!!!

Bubp is not a big fan of the “gay activists”, tweeting regularly about “traditional marriage”, how “the Bible says marriage is betw man/woman!”, praising homophobic bigots like Gary Bauer and Ohio’s own Citizens for Community Values and claiming President Obama’s change in the DADT policy will “risk our military readiness because of gay activists? OMG!”

Bubp seems to think that Republican Marine Colonels who want to bring troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan are “patriots”, but Marine Colonels who are Democrats with the same goals are “cowards”.

Back in 2005, Congressman (and Vietnam Veteran/Marine Colonel) John Murtha introduced a resolution calling for a withdrawal of US troops from Iraq within 6 months. In arguing against the bill, Congresswoman “Mean Jean” Schmidt famously quoted Bubp, who called Murtha a coward for wanting to bring home the troops: “cowards cut and run, Marines never do.”

Now that Obama is President, Bubp has adopted an even more “cowardly” troop withdrawl policy than Murtha, asking the President to immediately “Bring the troops home from Iraq/Afghanistan!”

Bubp tweets regularly about the need to keep our county a “Christian Nation” – but the beliefs of the political candidates he chooses to support don’t seem to jibe with his goal of turning the U.S. into some kind of Christian theocracy. His last two Tweets illustrate this clearly:

In the earlier Tweet, Bubp writes “Let’s KEEP America a Christian Nation!” And in his most recent Tweet, he talks about his support for Josh Mandel and Mitt Romney.

Maybe Bubp just isn’t keeping up, but Mandel is not Christian and, depending on who you ask, neither is Mitt Romney. According to Rick Santorum, darling of the GOP’s conservative Christian contingent and Bubp’s first choice in candidates, Romney’s religion (Mormonism) is more of a ‘dangerous cult’.

Like his flip-flopping views on bringing troops home, Bubp’s views on which candidates will best represent his misguided vision of America-as-Christian-nation seems to depend more on party affiliation than on actual facts. It’s very likely Bubp thinks President “Hussein/Obama” is a secret, Kenyan-born Muslim, but back here in the real word, Mandel and Romney’s opponents (Brown and Obama) are clearly a better match for Bubp religious requirements for office holders than the people he is supporting.

I’m all for politicians using social media to tell their constituents what’s on their minds. Especially in Danny Bubp’s case. I only hope more voters follow his Twitter feed so they will understand that what’s on Danny’s mind is a cluttered mess of radical religious extremism, stray punctuation, homophobic BS and anti-Obama nonsense.

I’ll leave you with a short clip of Stephen Colbert discussing Bubp:

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